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SFO - To Eat (06March2016 ( Saigon Sandwich, Soma Steet Food Park, Hanam Ninh, Show Dogs))

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Saigon Sandwich
(850m/11min walk from Parc55)

(ABBA recommendation by E.T)

I'd summarize it as a simple Vietnamese inspired sandwich joint. A quick fix to a early day ahead.
Ordered on:
 Roast Pork USD3.75
(imaged at the back)
*Pretty good actually. This is the order to go with. Their roasted pork is served warm with their lightly toasted bread, topped with grated carrots and some green chilli for a light spice kick to it all. The cooked pork is well seasoned with a sweet like marinade to give that small Vietnamese take on it.*
 Fanci Pork USD3.75
(imaged at the front)
 *There's nothing fancy about the pork here to be honest. I thought of trying something different but it turned out to be a slip shot version of subway. Stick to their roast pork reviewed above.*

An option for an early morning snack/sandwich breakfast. Its a homely take off a Vietnamese Sandwich. The roast pork is the definite order over the 'Fanci' one. When asking staff which was better, she didn't really give much of an opinion and said both were equally good which I beg to differ. Go for the Roast Pork one for sure.
Click here for ABBA location of Saigon Sandwich, 560 Larkin Street, San Francisco, CA 94102, United States
Soma Street Food Park
(Yet to be reviewed)

Love the food truck eats, but never knew where to get some. Soma is a constantly rotating stream of food trucks offering ever changing option. Prices at a glance look reasonable and with Soma located right beside Costco, it's convenient for a pre/post shopping eats. Free Wifi available on the grounds.

Hanam Ninh 
(850m/10min walk from Parc 55 located in Vietnam town)

Supposedly, the original go to Vietnamese Pho noodles joint which some have claimed better than the nearer located Vietnamese Noodle joint, Pho Tan Hoa (Click here for full review).  
Click here for ABBA location of Pho Ha nam ninh, 701 Larkin Street, San Francisco, CA 94109, United States
 Ordered on:
 Mixed Beef Noodle set USD9.50
 *Standard serving of Beef tripe and Tendon with fresh basal and bean sprouts served along side. Really good and a large serving at that.*
Vietnam Black Drip Coffee with Ice USD4

*Maybe serving it in a clear glass just shows you how much condensed milk goes into a single cup of ice coffee greatness. The roast blend is fantastic and it does have that deep distinct, roast coffee after taste.*

Long story short, comparing Hanam Ninh, the supposed original joint, over Pho Tan Hoa (Click here for full review) is tough. Price point and serving size wise, I'd say its the same and ingredients on equal standing. Pho Tan Hoa may look like there's more but that's just because its served in a larger bowl. The ice coffees are equally good

The ONLY thing that this place edges out Pho Tan Hoa over Hanam Ninh is their soup! Its less salty and slightly more flavorful over its nearer compatriot. 
Click here for ABBA location of Pho Ha nam ninh, 701 Larkin Street, San Francisco, CA 94109, United States
Show Dogs
(located 450m/6min walk from Parc55 Hotel)
(ABBA Recommendation by others)

Show Dogs has a grungy, pop-rock vibe to the place, playing smooth rock as you enjoy the view along market Street.  
Click here for ABBA location of Show Dogs, 1020 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94102, United States
Show Dogs has got a grungy, pop-rock vibe to the place. Playing smooth rock as you
enjoy the view along Market Street. 

Ordered On:

Maple Pork Sausage USD11

*Nothing much to scream about the hash or the eggs. They were donewell. The
sausage, was the real star and was absolutely fantastic. Meaty, full of flavor and had the sweet caramelized glaze from the maple. Really good flavor.*
*Their signature dish* Fried Chicken Sandwich - Slaw, ginger, Aioli USD10

*A very interesting mix, which definitely has some Asian influence from India (the spices used for the chicken) and Japan (pickled sweet ginger). A unique blend that worked well. The sweet ginger wasn't over powering and definitely enhanced the entire dish. The slaw brought the much crunch and sweetness. Interesting fusion.*
Pulled Pork Sandwich USD9

*We were impressed by the two previous orders that it motivated us to try this other
dish. The pulled pork wasn't too bad. Nice, but definitely on the salty side.*
USD30 Fed2
An alternative to burger joints. I thought, from it's name sake, the place serves up only hot dogs. However in reality they've got a whole range of unique burger/sandwich alternatives. Together with their home brand sauces, the place is definitely worth the try, especially so if one has dietary restrictions on beef or is tired of run of the mill burgers. Will definitely return to try some of the other flavors.
The Basil Chicken (Garlic confit, house Dijon, arugula) & Smoked Merguez (House made fig chutney, house Dijon, arugula) were the other two other recommendations by wait staff and from their description alone they do look enticing.

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