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SFO - To Do (06April2016 Battery Spencer Lookout, Golden Gate Park,California Academy of Science)

San Francisco - To Stay
San Francisco - To Do

San Francisco - To Eat

SFO - To Do
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A short Day Trip Out

Total approx USD113 for full day car rental, pertrol and overnight parking return at HotelCar rental from enterprise (8pax total). Click here for other ABBA Car Rental Deals

Cliff House
Click here for ABBA location of Cliff House, 1090 Point Lobos Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94121, United States
Picked up the car at about 8.30am in the morning for a leisurely drive down to all time favorite breakfast/brunch and scenic joint, cliff house. The place is a combination of great eats and an attraction all onto itself.Click here for Cliff House - To Do (walking trail and other day trip you could do.)
Click here for ABBA location of Cliff House, 1090 Point Lobos Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94121, United States

Battery Spencer Look Out
#Asian Squat. Can you do it?
Definitely the more scenic view of the Golden Gate Bridge with beautiful San Francisco city in the background. Note that crossing the Golden Gate with re-entry on the same bridge incurs a small toll charge of USD7++ but its well worth the look out and the picture opportunities. 
 Pier 39 Fog Harbor Restaurant
A pit stop for drinks and desserts after which the rest of the late day for shopping. (Approximately 4pm)
Click here for ABBA location of Pier39
Click here for ABBA location of Pier39

Day 2
Goldengate Park & California Academy of Science
Getting There:
- Take either bus 5/5R
- Takes approximately 30mins to reach destination. Extremely easy.

Click here for ABBA location of Golden Gate Park and California Academy of Science
Golden Gate Park

Its a huge stretch with a variety of sub places to explore. Most of the grounds itself are free to enter and its well worth a visit. 
The wild life are extremely accustomed to human interaction and was told by locals some have been fed by locals their whole life. It definitely offers for some awesome photo opportunities.

For a park that size, I must say its incredibly well kept and maintained. I'd say we'd only covered about a 1/5 of the entire park. The following shots below were from the Japanese Garden just before the California Academy of Science, which opens at 9.30am.

There's also botanic garden nearby with a chargeable entry.
California Academy of Science
(also Located within the Golden Gate Park)

ABBATip:Keep hold of your bus ticket and you get USD3 knocked off the entry price!
The place is off a good size that's excellent for a half a day activity. The place is more life sciences than pure sciences but all of which are beautifully presented.

 The Ray Pools which surrounds the planetarium.

*The very cool roof top with natural light holes. Beneath it, it houses a green house beneath with the 'rainforest' within.*
All-in-all the place is really interesting. Their exhibits are very impressive and off world class standing. Not too kiddish but still kid friendly and fun exhibits and special showcases for everyone. The layout and displays are almost as good, if not to similar standards of their world famous Monterrey Bay Sea Aquarium.  (Another place that one's gotta visit)

Some especially interesting showcases were the planetarium's presentation and the simulated earth quake platform. The overall experience with the mini-zoo and their various displays are well worth the cover entry! The academy is not too overwhelming in its displays and just nice of a size and a variety for all to enjoy. Food purchases are available on-site with free wifi on the grounds.

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