Friday, April 22, 2016

Singapore - To Do 22April2016 (Civil War Blue Carpet Event at MBS)

Singapore - To Do
22April2016 Civil War Blue Carpet Event at MBS

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Civil War Blue Carpet Event at MBS
All geared up for the super stars to arrive.
Liz from Fox Premium
Muttons in the Morning
Lego master getting a sig from Cpt America Himself
On-going Cosplay competition.
Ant man teaching demolition how its done.
Local Celebs making their way down the blue carpet before the major event!
Iron man 1st Prize with 2nd Runner up Cpt America.
Reporter waiting in anticipation of the super star arrivals!
Glenn Ong Working the Crowd!
Falcon: Anthony Mackie making the first appearance.
Followed by the super accomodating Sebastian Stan
So hard to get a selfie!

Even the reporters trying to look out for the fast whisking by Chris Evans.

 The swag we got!
 Super Stars Getting their local art pieces.

*Video credits to The New Paper*

 Viewing of Cpt America Civil War! A pre-preview of the awesome movie by the way!
 Swag for the Night. Definatly never washing this. Ever.
3 Outta 4 ain't too shabby.
Director Joe Russo
Falcon: Anthony Mackie
Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier: Sebastian Stan
Cpt America. A.k.a Chris Evans was rushed through soooo fast.

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