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SFO - To Eat (19March2018 Dotti's True Blue Cafe, The Bird, Taylor Street Coffee Shop)

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San Francisco - To Eat
SFO - To Eat
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Dotti’s true blue cafe
Another talked about joint that’s just around the corner on Market Street.
Arrive early. The sitting space really isn’t that large and a long queue formed 30mins after opening at 7.30a.m. We were lucky to get a table at 745am.
Ordered on:

Avocado, tomato, jalapeno, corn, scallion, feta frittata – toast + potato USD15.95

*Tastes much better than it looks and probably the most healthy pick
Banana Raspberry Rice Flour Pancakes USD15.95

*Really nice airy pancakes. The banana gives that banana bread nostalgia. One can really taste the blueberries. Its a personal preference to enjoy incorporated fruit as opposed to a fruit compote over. The plus of incorporating it, is that you get those nice caramelized bits! A must order and to share as portions are huge.*
Smoked whiskey-fennel sausage, mushroom and baby spinach scramble with grilled chilli-cheddar corn bread and Jalapeno jelly on the side. USD15.25

*This was a bit of a hit and okay for some. The jalapeno jelly was really more sweet than anything else and went well with the eggs.*
Prosciutto, basil, balsamic roasted tomato and red pepper flake scramble with bread USD16.50

x3Lattes, x1Tea and x1 Hot Chocolate

Total Fed5  at17USD each with Tip with crew discount.

Value 3.5/5
(A little short handed to manage the influx of people)

Overall it does taste better than it looks. The specials like the frittata and egg/omelette sounded good on paper but didn’t pack as much of a punch. The egg dish variations are probably superior in prep and selection to sears fine foods. Pancakes here done slightly different but gives those amazing ones done at Mama’s a run for your money. Overall, better than Sear’s fine foods but looses out to Mama’s on Washington. Top breakfast spot still goes to Cliff House which is a great place to visit and prob worth a few hours to check out the park and the bath houses.
Dotti's True Blue Cafe, 28 6th St, San Francisco, CA 94103

The Bird
Recommended by Tim.S

We were looking for a bird logo or something, but what you should really be looking out for is a fox. Free Flow of iced water on-site. Just ask for the plastic cups.

Here's a break down of the menu as explained by them.
Naked Chicken, thinkKFC, just the chicken. Biscuit and chicken, you get like a half size serve but with biscuit instead of a usual burger fun. Fully loaded are the curly fries with cheese, cream and all the toppings. Chickens come either Spicy or Regular.
Ordered On:19thMar2018

Fried Chicken Sandwich USD8

*Good sized serving. The coleslaw and condiments work well with the fried chicken*
Naked Bird USD6.50
Curly Fries Fully Loaded USD3.75

*These were the bomb. Nice fry with a balanced out toppings of sour cream, cheese and bacon. Perfect bar food*
Chicken Biscuit USD4.50
Apple Fritters USD1.50 each

*A simple dessert topper at the end of the meal*
USD2 Wings during happy Hour 4-7pm
*These were the bomb! Hot Wings with a creamy cool blue cheese dipping sauce.*
Value 4/5
Ambience 3.5/5
Fed 4 at about USD30 in total.
The spicy chicken is a little salty and the spicy heat does mask the good flavor of the chicken. The stand outs here, personally were the fully loaded fries and the hot wings with dipping sauce. A great place to have classic hot wings and the awesome fries. The southern style chicken were pretty all right. A gungy place for some hot wings and great fries! The place serves up beer as well. For garlic fries, Super Duper still takes top spot
The Bird 115 New Montgomery St, San Francisco, CA 94105

Taylor st. Coffee shop
Another recommended joint that's just around the corner from parc55. The place prob sits 30 at tops so bare then in mind if coming here for a meal. Opens from 7am.

Ordered on:
20th March2018
Blackstone: Millionaire’s bacon, tomato, mushroom USD19

Comes with option of Hash or Salad and something else. Opted for the salad.
*A thing of beauty. The millionaire’s bacon is sweet, a little spicy and pretty generous on the amount for a serving. It goes very well with the thick tomato slice but could use more mushrooms. Both the eggs benedict and hollandaise sauce were on point!*
Total USD19+tips fed 1
Value 3/5
Ambience 3/5
Taste 3.5/5
Service 3.5/5

This particular dish is a little on the pricier side as compared to the rest of the meal options which are about the 15USD range.

This quaint joint has some interesting offerings different from the usual run of the mill omelettes and sandwiches.

Taylor street coffee is ideal for smaller groups and offers a different variety of morning breakfast choices. This place probably edges our Sears Fine Foods.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Beijing - To Eat (12March2018 Mother's Taste)

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Mother's Taste
(Recommend by others. Located in shopping mall on 4th floor
behind Grand Millennium Beijing

Like the plethora of food dining options available there, Mother’s taste came recommended by others. Located on the 4th floor of this shopping mall located behind Grand Millennium Hotel.
Ordered on:
Their specialty chicken 1/2

Its really just a smoked chicken. Because of the smoking process the meat is a little firmer and saltier. A little under whelming to be honest.
Signature fried pork dish

Another relatively salty dish which is like a variant of Philippine’s crispy pata.
Mala Long Bean

The tongue numbing spice wasn’t over bearing and goes really well with the rest of the dish. A classic and popular order.
Garlic Shellfish

Amazing order. The garlic chilli mix wasn’t too overbearing or spicy at all. Juicy shellfish pieces with that amazing but oily sauce.
Brinjal dish

This was surprisingly nice especially with the raw garlic and fresh celantro thrown over it. The sauce over is on the salty side, but its good with a bowl of rice.
Total fed 5 at 227RMB Total

Food 3.5/5
Service 3.5/5
Ambience 3.5/5

Value 4/5

A damn value for money meal in a relatively nice restaurant. Like most places in Beijing, the food was salty and oily. The standouts were the vegetable dishes and shellfish. Strangely the place doesn’t serve Chinese tea.
Its assumed that most of the restaurant pricing were about that range of 50RMB a pax. If one is looking for even more value alternatives the basement floor have more options. Food court food located as the same level and the supermarket basement 1 featured meals at 12-18 RMB. There was also a buffet hotpot joint going for 35RMB+.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

LA - To Eat (01March2018 Waba Grill)

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 LA - To Eat
Waba Grill
(Chained establishment)

450m walk away form Wyndham Hotel

WaBa Grill, 515 W Chapman Ave, Anaheim, CA 92802Waba Grill came recommended by others. A chain joint that serves up, what's best described as Americanized-Japanese' healthy meals.  
Ordered On:
Waba signature plate of Chicken and Steak. Added half an avocado. Total USD10+
*The signature choice comes with a option of brown/white rice. The packaging looks deceptively small but the serving is really large. A complete meal with salad, fruit and all! The beef though has a hint of good char flavor, it is a little on the sweet side. Almost like having Korean Bulgogi beef. The chicken's pretty alright but the combination of sauces with the rice is great. Fill up on their condiments comprising of fresh spring onions for the extra crunch and freshness, along with the pickled carrot and jalapenos for a little heat. The Waba chilli sauce isn't tongue burning spicy like Halal Guys. Great for take away meals or even having there! The add-on avocado, as seen, a beautiful green, creamy and excellent! Will come back for C&G Eats.
Fed1 at 10USD+
Food 3.5/5
Ambience 3/5
Service (Self Service)
Value 4/5

Narita - To Eat (28thFeb2018 Tonzen とん膳成田店 - Tonkatsu Restaurant)

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Narita - To Eat
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Tonzen - Tonkatsu Restaurant
(just outside of Aeon Mall)
Opens at 11am

Tonzen is located just opposite from AEON mall’s daiso.
Tonzen specializes in fried matsusaka pork. *Matsusaka pork's most acclaimed characteristic of our pork is its high percentage of collagen in the fat, a whopping 70%, making it great for beauty care. When cooked or grilled, Matsusaka pork doesn’t shrink or get tough; the meat stays beautifully tender and smooth.*
They do have beef and prawn tempura as well but its primarily known for their pork.
Ordered on:
Fatty loin cutlet set ¥1680(+tax) total ¥2030

The set comes with choice of white/black and clam/pork miso soup.
The condiments were already pretty impressive with a choice of carrot or sesame dressing. You get fresh sesame seeds for one to grind and add either a sweet or spicy dipping sauce to go with your pork cutlet.

*Just wow! The smell from the freshly fried pork, presented,already angled for a picturesque and delicious meal to come. The fat distribution was just right. Not over bearing that may make the dish too rich. Tender, delicious with a crispy fried exterior. The fatty cut serving was just nice or a tad slightly over for a single eater.  Perfect with the free flow of salad with choice of sesame or carrot dressing. An incredibly satisfying meal*
Fed1 very well at ¥2030
Ambience 4/5
Service 4/5
Food 4/5
Value 3.5/5

The best tonkatsu (Fried Pork cutlet) had thus far and said to be superior to tonkatsu joint located inside the mall. Its got a cozy interior and can accommodate large groups with various order choices to suit every eater. They have fried beef and prawns as well! A must try!