Friday, May 25, 2018

Mile High Shot (25May2018 VTK and BKK)

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Pulau Tekong

*Every Singapore Son*

*You can just see the ship lanes back and forth from the main land and the island*
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Sunday, May 13, 2018

Singapore To Eat (11May2018 Non-Entree)

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Singapore - To Eat
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650m from Farrer Park MRT Station

 *Some of their flavors available*

Non Entrée Dessert Cafe 204 Rangoon Rd, Hong Building, 218451
Non-Entree as the name suggest, are essentially skillfully and creatively thought up desserts, re-imagined as classic Entree dishes commonly had in Singapore. Very local flavors, deconstructed and represented as popular home town dishes.
Ordered On:
Singapore Breakfast SGD13.90

 Honey Mango bursting "Yolk" edible egg shells, virgin coconut "whites" crispy butter toast with Hainanese kaya parfait, gula melaka "soy sauce" and cinnamon "pepper"
 *Looks exactly like the original. Flavors are as described. Could have been a larger portion but the technicality and work required to assemble the dish is quite the challenge. The flavors are okay together, but conceptually strong.*
Kopiko SGD12.90
Coffee infused whip, chocolate spongs, dulce de leche, iced coffee crush, kopi bubble, served with a side of "You Tiao"

"Friend says nice. - M.L"
*The You Tiao is essentially a crispy churros served over Kopi O Gaooo (Strong Asian Black Coffee with no sugar). So unless you're a fan of straight up black coffee, this may not be the dessert for you. Really try to get a bit of every elements as that's where I suspect the pop rock surprise to be at the bottom. Not for me, but friend says nice.*
Pandan Waffles SGD9.50
with a scoop of homemade gelato/sorbet of choice.
Crispy fluffiness, drizzled in maple syrup.

*Pretty standard fair waffles priced about the same anywhere else. To standard and I guess a basic staple in most dessert shops. Nothing really to wow over. The Coffee Gelato was good and coffee flavor is one of the rarer finds*
Additional order of Gellato
(White Rabbit Flavor and Choc Cookies and Cream) 

*White Rabbit Flavor was spot on. Enjoyable at first, then it became a bit much.*
Fed 4
Value 3.5/5
Food 3.5/5
Ambience 4/5
(Its a throw back to old school. Loads of decoration pieces, including the furniture are a throw back to the 80s early 90s. A mix of hipster modern with the old school nostalgia. Their Good Morning Towel Menus and dessert themes go well together)
Service 3/5
Conceptually very strong and interesting with their rethinking of traditional local eats. Its a great throw back for locals and a good place to bring guests to first try the savory versions of the dish before moving on to the creative sweet versions. I would return to try their re-imagined dishes as well as try their dessert 'cakes' on display. 

Portions are a little small and are on the pricey side. Cakes going for slightly under SGD10 a piece and mains at around the sub SGD14 range. Overall experience is still quite fun to try the unique dishes. The old school colorful plastic seats (not-pictured), thou nostalgic aren't as conducive for dining. However the rest of the blend of old school and new generation do work quite well.
Non Entrée Dessert Cafe 204 Rangoon Rd, Hong Building, 218451 

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Singapore - To Eat (06May0218 Bascilico)

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Singapore - To Eat
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Italian Cuisine

Located at the Regent Singapore, on the 2nd floor is Bascilico. Their dinner service is a semi-buffet spread. Pick the main and you're spoilt for choice with their appetizers selection and an incredible, mind blowing cheese spread. There's a whole room that's dedicated to the cheeses. A room!
Ordered On:
 Semi Buffet Dinner Service at Bascilico
One gets a choice of selection of a main for one or two to share, and the buffet spread is open to the floor. The mains are cooked to order on your request and menu selection of your visit changes with the seasons.
We ordered the Pentolone di Carne as the main (For 2 to share)
Hay-smoked Grilled Beef Tenderloins, Lamb Chop and Scarmoza-stuffed Waygu Beef rolls served with Grill Vegetables and Aged Balsamic Vinegar.
*It was very impressive when it first came out. Grilled and later hay smoked infused by having the pizza dough encase the entire dish and finishing it off in the oven. I wouldn't say the smokiness was very evident in the meats, but the initial aromas from cutting into the pizza crust was both visually impressive and an attack on the olfactory nerves.
Meats required own seasoning but were all cooked to perfection. An undeniable medium rare on the inside.*
The spread is fairly extensive which adequately showcases Italy eats. Below were some of the standouts from the semi buffet service.
Their Range of Balsamic and Olive Oils
 *They have a 13year aged balsamic vinegar (pictured in the wood barrel). However my preference leaned more toward their thicker, sweet balsamic. Their small selection of quality olive oils and balsamic vinegars were a delight to try with their fresh cheeses and breads. Like wine, in the realms of Balsamic and olive oils each have their unique flavors. A great sensory journey.*
Fresh Mozzarella cheeses and tomatoes.
 *The tomatoes from Italy were beautiful sweet and succulent and classically paired with the various fresh mozzarella cheeses. This particular cheese is a very old style of Buffalo at 5kg and it is made exclusively in the small town of Battipaglia near Napoli. This was in my opinion the best among the already good choices. Soft, light in flavor and a little creamy. A more delicate flavor and texture in comparison to the rest. What's welcoming as well was the famous tomatoes were featured in front, but any of the fresh produce in the crates behind were also available to patrons.*  
 *Waygu Carpaccio. Enough said. Their seared Tuna with pistachio were very good as well.*
The Cheese Room
Wow. Just amazing and you definitely need to ask for some guidance to laser beam on some choice selection that suit your tastes and preferences. Thanks to head Chef Luca who was passing by, he 'sold' each of the cheeses so well that I had just to take a selection from each of these amazing cheeses that are rarely seen/experienced else where. Below were the few I could remember.*
Hay cured goats cheese.
A mix of two ricotta cheeses I think and covered with Fresh Truffle.
One of the Best Blue Cheeses I've gotten to taste.*Its got lovely crumbly crisp bits that go very well with the roasted meats in the mains*
A balsamic cured aged cheese, leaving sweet accent notes.
There were several other cheeses, like a malt cured one, or a double aged ricotta cheese (not pictured) The cheese room was where I believed the prized and beloved items were and I barely scratched the surface. If you can, try as much as you can in that treasure trove room. 
Total Fed 2 at SGD216.55
Value 4/5
*For the cheese room alone and the range of cured meats and buffalo cheese spreads in a single location to get a taste of Italy is extremely rare. So for that, a one stop location at that price to enjoy the best that Italy has to offer allows for that value.* 
Ambience 3.5/5  
*The place is a little dimly lit in my opinion and the chairs are deep lounge like chair. They are a little uncomfortable to be sitting in as its lacking back support.*
Service 4.5/5
*Extremely tentative staff with those asked were found to be knowledgeable on the dishes and its preparation. They were quick to clear plates, keep the glasses filled and only prepared your mains on your request. 

Food 4/5 
*I can't speak much for their mains as we only got to try one, but their buffet selection alone was more than filling. The cheese selection alone was the clear cut winner in terms of variety and selection.*

A taste of a huge array of Italian cheeses and their anti pasta. If you're not a fan of cheese, or balsamic vinegar/oils, then this semi buffet may not be as of value to you. Their other single serving mains were interesting and worth ordering for another time.

Even when in Italy, to have some of theses cheese and tomato offerings available for side by side comparisons would have cost a hefty euro. However at Bascilico, they're all under one sitting and presented beautifully in front of you.

Well worth it and would return again for another celebratory occasion or a gastronomical trip through Italy. There so much in the cheese room that has yet to be explored.

The only critique for Bascilico for a better customer experience would be to have more signage especially for the unlabeled balsamic and olive oil to educating patrons what they were having. Our dining experience was only made more enjoyable thanks to Luca and their staff. 

Bascilico Restaurant Level 2, 1 Cuscaden Rd, Regent Singapore A Four Seasons Hotel, Singapore 249715

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Singapore - To Eat (01May2018 Bakalaki)

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Singapore - To Eat
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Greek Cuisine (recommended by others)
800m walk from Tiong Bahru MRT Station

 *Just before opening at 6pm dinner service. A pretty nice interior which gives the Mediterranean feel to it. There's option of Alfresco dining too. The by the bar seating at really cramped and I wouldn't recommend it. Reservations are recommended and the place did get packed about an hour into service (pictured below).*

 *Winning some awards in Hobart Tasmania?*

Located at prominently at the corner of Seng Poh Road, Bakalaki stands prominently at the corner of the intersection. There isn't much a view out of the place as its the road intersection and the interior was to me a little on the warm side. (Best to come in shorts and a T-Shirt. The air curtains weren't strong enough to keep the humidity and heat of Singapore on the outside. 
Click here for ABBA location of BAKALAKI Greek Taverna, 3 Seng Poh Rd Singapore 168891 Seng Poh Rd, Singapore 168891

Ordered On:
Complementary House Bread served with their house olive oil which can be purchased at their little shop display by the side.
*Bread was dusted with some spice, lightly toasted and went wonderful with their full bodied, fruity and slightly spicy Olive oil. Sad to say, this was the highlight of the meal for the night. The Olive oil was good and can be purchased. However, for about a 750ml bottle pictured above goes at a whopping 30++SGD. Good but very expensive.*
Feta Saganaki SGD16.90
Pan Fried Feta Cheese dressed with honey and sesame
 *Interesting. Very simple. As described and a great appetizer. Simple and easy to replicate at home. I'd work with some arugula salad at the bottom. The flavor profile is very similar to Spanish Fried Camebert Cheese.*
Kreatika Sharas SGD25.90
(Medium rare requested)

Grilled Skewers, served with tomato, onion, tzaiziki (Greek Yogurt mixed with cucumber, garlic and olive oil) and pita bread (Beef)
 *Where do I begin. The protein was pretty okay, under seasoned and a little tough. Upon asking the staff on the cut, they informed it was strip-loin. The grilling was okay but the rest of the dish was a complete waste of time. Fries, unseasoned (Probably the way they do it here), soft and soggy. The pita bread had a strong wheat flavor to it. Having it placed at the bottom, just left a wet, soggy and soaked piece of bread. Yogurt and pseudo salad condiments were average at best. Portions were small and didn't do much for the dish. The yellow, apparently lemon mustard sauce was a little heavy but seemed to be used at least on two other dishes (The grilled octopus and their 3 piece signature lamb ribs). One lemon sauce for everything it would seem!*
Hitapodi SGD32.90
Grilled Octopus with Lemon, oregano and Bakalaki Extra Virgin Olive Oil
*Octopus by nature is quite expensive in this here parts. Relatively soft and tender and the char bits were the best. That similarly same yellow lemon sauce was a little rich that it over powered the Octopus. It really needed the squeeze of fresh lemon over in order to cut through the richness. A good dish and fairly priced. The sauce probably hurt the dish a little if not for the saving grace of the fresh lemon squeeze.*
Total Fed 2 at SGD89.10
Ambience 3.5/5
Value 3/5
*Maybe for their mains is fairly reasonably priced, but the some of the appetizers options like the yogurt, a small dipping sample can be had with other main dishes. Dishes and portion sizes are on the slightly pricier side.*
Food 2.5/5
*Some were okay at best, but the rest of the ordered stuff weren't wowing at all.*
Service 3/5
*When asked for a serving of bread and queries on the sauce, it took a repeated request to get the information. They weren't under handed but weren't attentive either. Most were only responding to patrons requests upon prompting, or acknowledge requests only to not come back to it.* 

Greek cuisine. Small portions, under seasoned and the same yellow sauce used for most. Their home olive oil and table bread were sadly one of the main highlights of the entire meal. The octopus was well prepared, but that also stems from good starting product. Perhaps wrong food orders at this Greek restaurant.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Osaka Holiday - To Do (Doguyashuji Shopping Street, Kuromon Market, Shinsekai, Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan, Tempozan Marketplace , Dotonbori, Hozenji Yokocho, Osaka Nipponbashi Denden town, Kyoto Day Trip, Nara Day Trip, Dotonburi Ferris Wheel, Reptile Cafe)

Japan Osaka - To Stay
Japan Osaka - To Do
Japan Osaka - To Eat 

Osaka - To Do
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Departs 0125 Arrival 0905

Getting to Namba From the KIX Kansai International Airport.
Take the Nankai line (with options of express or normal line) to Namba Station.
It does accept Suica (Their version of EZ Link (SG)/Octopus (HKG) /Oyster Card (LHR)
Total Travel time is about 45mins  vs 37min with not much difference in time over the express but a huge difference in pricing.
One Way regular was 920Yenn Vs Express 1430Yenn

First time staying at AirBnb
Hosted by:
Urara(うらら) Haruki(春木)
High Speed Internet with Wifi Hotspot and
Battery Pack provided for. Bring own charging wire!
- Portable wifi last almost the whole day and connection also available in Nara and Kyoto
- 2mins down the road is Life Supermarket which opens till 1am. 
- Huge Fridge with Freezer
- Can do Basic Cooking
- Microwave and Toaster
- Washing Machine Available.

- Entire Apartment floor to yourself. (Lift opens directly to apartment
- Can Sleep 5pax or more

$694.56SGD for 6Days5Nights for 2Pax
(Price Varies with more pax and note this is the Sakura Season.)

Location wise its about a 12min (1km) walk from Namba main station. 6min walk from any other subway line and requires either some form of transportation to and fro. Note that this was booked during Sakura Season as well.
The place is well taken care off and having the super market just around the corner makes snacks super market eats and drinks convenient.

There's not much by way of variety of dining option around, but a short 7min walk or so gets you to Nipponbashi (Anime/manga district), Kuromon Market (closes at 6pm) and Shinsekai (Opens at night) for your eats. Dotonburi is about a 17min walk away.

 Doguyasuji shopping street
(Kitchenware Street)

14-5 Nanbasennichimae, Chuo, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture 542-0075, JapanSennichimae Doguyasuji Shotengai, also known as "Kitchenware Street," is a short street which we visited and re-visited later whilst en-route to our Air BNB location. Dogyuasuji street is located right outside of Namba's Station's East Exit.

The kitchenware street is about a 150m stretch from North to South featuring all things cutlery related. Their ceramic bowl and especially knife shops were hugely impressive which will warrant another revisit with less luggage.
*Check out the range of polishing blocks they have for their knives*
Their fake food art, though had a large variety, but honestly lacked in quality as seen in Tokyo's Kappabashi-Dori Kitchen Street.
Did you know that the ever popular ceramic cats that the raising Left Hand is for inviting visitors whilst the raising right hand cat is for inviting money. 
Kuromon Market
(Kitchen of Osaka)
Eats from morning to about 6pm.

"Kuromon market is a shopping district loved by the locals as the “Kitchen of Osaka,” and has recently become a popular destination for foreign tourists. You can walk around the market and taste a whole variety of ingredients and foods, such as tuna, tempura, sweets and fruits. Some stores will even offer to cut the fresh fish you buy into sashimi for you to eat on the spot." -
Look, see, eat. Its that simple. Surely there were some shops which were more popular than others but its most likely due to the whole song and dance they put into preparing the food. Its really fun to mingle and see the huge variety of amazing produce Osaka has to offer. Prices of seafood and meats were pretty consistent throughout the stalls with very little variance in pricing. I can't assure the same for quality though.
Tokyo's Tsukiji outer ring markets provides a similar experience though more spread out.

Ordered On
A5 Kobe 2500Yenn

*So so only. Don't bother with the 1000Yen one either. Tried it on another day, its just pure fat on a tough piece of meat that's over salted. Skip this stall if coming in from the southern entrance.
Don't be pulled in by the large pool of people. Felt cheated actually. One can also buy steak from the various 'butchers' there and they cook table  side for you. *
Super Toro Bowl 1800Yenn
*Having it the first time*

*This was really good. Beautiful toro/chutoro and otoro in its various fattiness and forms served atop a warm rice bowl. Simple but very effective. Beautiful.
So good we had it twice.*
Super Oyster 900Yenn and Uni 600Yenn

*Thing of beauty. They top up the fresh cut uni for you as well before serving it up.*
BBQ Scallop at 880Yenn

BBQ Cuttlefish Leg 600Yenn

 And other small things which didn't make the photos!
Its a simple food alley to navigate through. With most of the main eats down the middle and a sprinkling of other stall to the sides. A great place for a variety of eats similar to Seoul's Gwangjang Market.
Click here for Kuromon Ichiba Market 14-5 Nanbasennichimae, Chūō-ku, Ōsaka-shi, Ōsaka-fu 542-0075

Shinsekai(Later night eats)

*Shinsekai is an old neighborhood located next to south Osaka City's downtown "Minami" area. The neighbourhood was created in 1912 with New York as a model for its southern half and Paris for its northern half.* - Wiki
Shinsekai is reminiscent of the 1990s/1980s.  A snapshot of this vibrant section which offers eats on all corners. Having a walk through, the alley, we gathered they are primarily known for their sumo hot pot meals and deep fried skewers.
Meat Hot Pot for Two 1300yenn plus/pax
*A truly Sumo meal. A lovely serving of medley of aromatic and flavorful vegetables which develops the soup even further. The meat accompaniments just worked so well today and perfect on a chilly night. It may look daunting, but there's a base to raise everything up.*
x1 Beef Skewer 480 
*So-so only. Go for the PORK!*
x1 Korubuto Pork 480
*This was AMaaazzzzingggg. A must order. Super juicy, tender and sweet. Wow. Just wow! The beef skewer really not so much. Go for the PORK! Remember, no Double Dipping. You need to use the cabbage to get more sauce.*
1 Draft Beer
Approximately 4000Yenn fed 2.
This small quarter still living in the past, does draw its inspiration from Paris's Eiffel Tower and throws in that old town Japanese flare and charm! A great visual treat and joy to explore.
*Cheap sushi at 300Yenn or so for three pieces. Okay but not great. Sushi joint of Giant mascot as seen in video at back alley of Shinsekai.*
Take the time out especially to explore the back alleys which are an even greater throw back to past with retro arcades, carnival games and small work man eating joints.

A nice piece of nostalgia, vibrant and interesting place to get some eats.

Day 2
Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan

(Cater half a day would be more than sufficient)
Click here for ABBA location of Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan
The Osaka Aquarium's star attraction really are the two beautiful Whale Sharks. 
The aquarium has a very interesting layout in that the feature tank goes right down the middle, and the rest of the exhibits are built around that. Surprisingly the place also features mammals which was a pleasant surprise.
Another unique selling point of the exhibits is their depth. Many of the large exhibits extend about 3stories deep, allowing for the happy fish/seals/dolphins space to swim and utilize the space made available to them. Also it allows for a full spectrum perspective to the visitors to enjoy the various species at different depths.
By way of aquarium design, the Osaka Aquarium is not as well dressed as other places, but some exhibit areas like the central tank and jelly fishes were pretty well executed. It also does not have many small tanks and a large variety of fish species, but large enclosures compensates for it.
You might be interested in Tokyo sea life park (with their iconic Tuna tank) or best aquarium layout by far at Monterey Bay Aquarium, California.
Click here for ABBA location of Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan

Tempozan Marketplace
(You can time travel to Osaka in 1960s located in Mall beside Osaka Aquarium)

 It sounded more interesting (when searching for off the beaten path things to do in Osaka) than it looks. Think Marche with a number of eateries in the alleyways of sorts.Okay but not great. It is however better than eating in the small cafeteria beside Osaka Aquarium.
Ordered On:


*Simple and very enjoyable with a size portion just nice for one.*
Grill Pork Cutlet

*Pretty decent and a nice char on the Grilled pork.*
Fed 2 about 2300Yenn total.
Worth a look if in the shopping mall for shopping, Lego land and a ride on the Ferris wheel, but definitely not to come all the way out here just to explore this place.

Dotonobori is predominately the eating mecca of Osaka. Huge attractive bill boards line every nook and cranny trying their best to grab your attention and patronage. By way of shopping, its mostly snacks and cosmetics. 
*Like at Harjuku in Tokyo, catch a picture of yourself on the big screen!*
 Some shots towards the night

Their are some popular sure hit staples like Gyu Kaku (Beef Yakiniku), Ichiran Ramen, Sushi Zanmai, but there are loads of great eats that need some effort to be found. Click here for Osaka eats. 
Hozenji Yokocho
(Slice of Old Japan)
While the Dotonbori area of Osaka is especially popular with tourists, the hordes seem to concentrate themselves by the canal near the Glico man advertisement. Located just a few blocks away to the east, the Hozenji Yokocho Alley is a slice of old Japan right in the middle of bustling Osaka. Within this short stretch, you will find a temple, traditional houses as well as plenty of shops and restaurants. The Meotozenzai shop is particularly famous. It is said that eating the zenzai dessert as a couple brings luck. - From web source.
We didn't try the zenzai dessert as red bean wasn't really my thing.

The natural moss covered statues was a slice of tranquility and nature which was incredibly welcomed. Located just parallel to Dotonburi Street.

 *Original game consoles and their games for sale!!!*
 15000 Yen each

Universal Studios Japan
- Only Hogwarts (Harry Potter Land) has a timed entry! So when you get in, remember to go get a timed ticket to book a prefered time slot.
- Get the express pass (Limited supply at the ticket booths or online) at a relatively hefty charge in my opinion. Everything there is pretty much a minimum 100min wait. We did not go for this option as prices were about 70% of the basic adult entry ticket price and up. That also depends on the selected rides you'd want to rides available from an al-la-carte picking.
- Opt for Single Rider options which maybe cut the wait time by half or more.
- Save huge people mover shows for later to better maximize your day (Usually the 4D shows a stage productions.) 

 170Min queue lines at Harry Potter Ride! Its insaneeeeee.
USS Japan was alright but not that great. That's probably because of the language barrier. A lot of the stage shows, pre-show warmups and in-show are literally lost in translation. The huge queue times aren't really justified even with the additional cost.

Preference is still for Disney theme parks with their fast past system. With albeit higher entry price, but one gets to experience all the rides with a full day there with minimal wait times. You might be interested in Tokyo Disney Sea.

Day 4
Trip Out to Kyoto

Click here for full day trip write up in Kyoto
Kyoto Main Train Station
- An Architectural marvel
Ginkakuji Temple
- World Heritage site.

Click here for full day trip write up in Kyoto
Philosopher's Walk -
A must and one of the most scenic spots to view Sakura.

Click here for full day trip write up in Kyoto
Honen-In temple
- Okay but not great.

Click here for full day trip write up in Kyoto

Maruyama Park
- A great way to end of the evening.

Click here for full day trip write up in Kyoto

Nishiki Market - Nothing special. Better off to go to Kuromon Market
Click here for full day trip write up in Kyoto
Click here for full day trip write up in Kyoto

Day 5

Day Trip out To Nara from Osaka
Click here for Full Nara Day Trip out Write Up
*Nara is known for this sort of pickled sushi
Worth for the 2min Mochi famous mochi making show*

Nara Deer park
*Deer feeding, Sakura beauty, what's not to love*
 *Deer running together*
*Man does he love his deer*
*Well worth the 600Yen entry fee. A piece of construction beauty.*

Harushika Sake Brewery

*Sake Tasting and appreciation for 500Yen. Why not?*


Return to Osaka for
Dotonburi Ferris Wheel

This Iconic Ferris wheel of Osaka has been closed for over 9years and is reopened as of 19thJan2018. 
Dotonburi Ferris Wheel, 7-13 Souemonchō, Chūō-ku, Ōsaka-shi, Ōsaka-fu 542-0084, Japan
Ride charges are 600yen for a 15min ride on this iconic Ferris Wheel.

 *You can see Nipponbashi(Anime/manga district) and Shinsekai towers in the distance*

Day 6
Departure 2330hrs Return 03April

Return day. Eat, Shop and Reptile Cafe
Hands Free (10am-8pm)
Due to early checkout, there are several options available for safe luggage storage all over. The train station have sized lockers, kuromon marlet has a tourist centre (Last collection by 6pm). We left our luggage with Namba hands free center lvl4 at a nominal fee of ¥500 regardless of luggage size. (Last collection by 8pm). Charges of baggage storage are around that range or dependent on size.
Rockstar reptile cafe
We spent 2.5hrs there. There's no time limit on how long you can stay after entry.
¥1000 cover to get in and you must order something from the menu. Drinks we ordered were ¥800 each.
*Coconut juice and Matcha shake something. Nothing to scream about.*
The charge for eats and drinks really are cursory for the interaction with loads and loads of reptiles, a pair of owls and even arachnids.

The reptiles here are very well cared for and they rotate the animals so they don’t get harassed daily.
*Note that some of the reptiles are free ranging and go where ever they please and most of them are very interactive.*

Just ask any attentive staff member if an animal/arachnid/owl strikes your interest and they will let you know if its the animal’s off day or not. There doesn’t seem to be a time limit on handling the animals.

Staff are incredibly attentive to collecting and exchanging reptiles you have on hand. Feel free to take as many pictures as you want.
Rockstar cafe is a chain, but this is one of the rare ones featuring reptiles. For a unique experience, give rock star reptile cafe a try. Bonus is you get to play with owls as well so its kinda two birds with one stone. Its definitely more interactive than a zoo any time and well worth the time to see the animals up-close and their personalities.
Reptiles Cafe Rock Star Japan, 〒556-0011 Ōsaka-fu, Ōsaka-shi, Naniwa-ku, Nanbanaka, 2 Chome−7−7, ナンバFKビル
6D5N Osaka
Return Home