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Milan - To Eat 25April2016 ABBA Contribution by Skylouis (PACE)

Milan - To Stay
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Milan - To Eat
Milan - To Eat
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200m walk form Marriot Milan

ABBA Contribution by Skylouis 
 *pictures from google* 
Finally getting the chance to visit this place. A short 290m walk and cross one street and you're there. It doesn't get closer than room service.

Pace is a over 48year old restaurant establishment and was featured as part of the Michelin 2008 guide. Due to the Euro crisis, couple with a falling dollar, in the recent 3years as of 2013, according to Yu, the restaurant  has loss over 130,000Euro. The two old owners will discontinue service by year end of 2016, not because of old age, but more so the lack of business in recent times. 

Pace is open daily.
losed on
Wednesdays and Saturdays open only for dinner service.
and siesta is from 3pm to about 7.10pm
Featuring Yu!
(Working with the restaurant for 15years.)

Yu really is one of the best service staff met. He tells a story to everything, the history and is knowledgeable on how the restaurant's signature recepie comes about. He's great in sharing how fresh ingredients are, and in fact is honest about dishes served. For example lobsters for the day are fresh and not the pre-packed frozen ones. Another example was that one of the Florentine steak orders was only slightly smaller than the other, but we were topped up with an hearty additional cut. Really one of the better service experience any where else. Yu was helpful and very attentive to all of our needs. A pleasure to have met, and be under the care of Yu while dining at Pace.*
Ordered On:
 *With compliments. Quality olive oil!*
 *Amazing clam only dish. Nice, fresh and
 Spaghetti alla Lupara 8Euros *Their signature*
 *The restaurant's signature. The recepie is from the owner's mother and is over 40years old. It a little sweet/sour and rather refreshing. Interesting good and is somewhat reminiscent of tomato with sugar. Some love it, others may not.*
 *Seafood pasta a really nice al dente and not too salty at all! Seafood is fresh and its a good portion size.*
 *Tiramisu was amazing. Light and good shot of espresso. Dare say better than Grumpy Old Man's Tiramisu. Not really an apple to apple comparison but its definitely ranked up there. A little different by its lightness and great balance with the coffee soaked ladies fingers. Excellent serve.* 
Florentine steak 40Euros each feeds 2 pax
A massive dry aged T-bone steak  drizzled with olive oil
*Note that above order is how its done and to their definition medium rare. To others it maybe on the rare to almost blue side. The order below is fired a bit longer on the grill but depending on your enjoyment/tolerance maybe still too blue. The metal plates are hot enough to cook your steaks more.*
 *Pictured above, shared by Yu that this was custom built for the steak service.
Florentine steak, if haven't been try is the order to try. Steaks are incredibly tender and the fruity, olive oil really gives a nice delicate layer to it. Well worth the money and for sharing. It could use a little more seasoning in some parts, but nothing table salt can't solve.*
Total about 25-40euros per pax depending on orders and wine
Fed 13
The place is well worth it. For the location, service, portions, of course quality food. If staff are still the same as before, Pace was once in the 2008 Michelin Guide and it would be no surprise for sure. 
Ordered On:
ABBA Contribution by Andy Aw
Florentine Steak
 About 1.5kg. Suitable for 2people or group share at 40Euros. About 1.5
"One of the better steaks I've had" - A.A

Their specialty recommended by Yu the waiter
"A little bit sour spicy and sweet. Not your typical spaghetti place. Some may like it, some may not. The only place where you can get it. The only complaint is that the ham is very salty"
Mushroom Risotto
"My personal Favorite . The mushroom taste is there. Its not too creamy or cheesy that I can't finish the dish. Not too heavy."
"Tiramisu isn't too bad" 
"Lobster spaghetti doesn't really wow you. Overall good experience with waiter Yu being very nice. Ask Yu for the house wine! The House wine are chargeable by the amount you drink."
 ABBA Contribution by Skylouis
"Guys and girls.. This old Italian eatery is just located on the right side of the hotel and only two three minutes away.. ( walk out of hotel and turn right) Restaurant name call PACE.. Owned by two brothers aged 70 over and have a waiter by the name of Yu from China.. Lovely food where reminds you of olden Italian dishes.. Try their spaghetti Vongole, T bone steak and sole fish with lemon.. Absolutely delicious!!" - S.S
"Prices range from about 7 -13Euros"

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