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USA - San Francisco, To Do (Our Little Theater, Ferry Terminal Bldg, Pier 39, Pier 45, Lombard Street)

San Francisco - To Stay
San Francisco - To Do
San Francisco - To Eat

San Francisco - To Do
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Day 1
Our Little Theater
Show Times Fridays and Saturdays 8:00pm & 10:00pm.

Doors open 30mins before the show. BYO with no charge!
Feeling a little adventurous, I took the street side flyer to explore this dingy, small, little room which would probably house no more than 30people. At first there was no one, and with a quick trip advisor search, thankfully there were listings on this place, easing some concerns.
Soon the place was filled to near capacity as show time was coming around. San Francisco sisters L & M and Sean learnt of my long travels from Singapore and in great San Fran hospitality, offered cold beer prior the start of the set. 

A good experience for a worthy cause. Shared by the host, this is a 8year running, independent comedy club, featured comics from all over San Fran, performing their sets. For USD10, you get entertained for 1/1/2hrs and the money collected goes to a charity.

Here are some of their sets, which when filmed may not have been their best joke for the night. Your visit may feature a different set of stand up comedians.

Click here for ABBA location of Our Little Come Theater 287 Ellis St. 415-378-4413, 160m away.
Click here for ABBA details on Our Little Comedy Theater.
Beside running a 100% for charity organization for building schools in South Africa.
My LittleTheatre is a fully charitable project, where 100% of the funds collected from ticket sales goes towards building of schools in South Africa. 
Sia Amma, "One of the reasons I always travel to Africa is to educate women and girls on ending female circumcision."
 SIA AMMA also has a Briading Salon around the corner of Our Little Comedy Theater. Click here for more details and deals. 

Day 2
Ferry terminal building and Open Markets
There are open markets surrounding the Ferry Terminal Building. The open markets are open daily, but it really depends on the sellers if they want to set up shop on your visit. Weekends are the most packed. Eateries line the harbor front for your picking.  

You can also take the F tram which brings you to the Ferry Building and onward to Fisherman's Wharf, Pier 39 and 45.
Click here for Walking route to Ferry Building 1 Ferry Bldg Marketplace, San Fran CA94111
Walk down on Marketstreet, and along the coastal route would ensure, you not having to climb up and down the steep undulating terrain of San Francisco.
A walk down on Marketstreet would bring you past most of the shopping area, before progressing towards the CBD district.

Pier 39
(the start of Fisherman's Wharf)

Getting There or back via the F Tram
Definitely the go to place for all tourist. Almost all passengers on the F tram alight at this station. Pier 39, the spot where sea lions gather and bask in the sun. A huge variety of shopping options, from hot sauce, clothing, Irish products, shell shops, signed collectables, novelty gifts and loads more. A really diverse and amazing collection of stores to entertain all parties.
Their restaurants and street snacks do not lack In variety either. Click here for ABBA review of Fog Harbor Fishhouse.
Taken on 19thMarch2018
On this occasion, as it was the 35yr anniversary of Pier 39, there were more celebrations than usual with face painting, DJ performance through the night, as well as scheduled fireworks at 8.30pm. 

One may get a visit from The Bay Area Ghostbusters, a non-profit fan group, who have most of their costumes built to accuracy from home. 


Pier 45
(Fisherman's Wharf)

Pier 45 is the less crowded than Pier 39. Most of the eateries are located here, and the place houses attractions such as the Ripley's Museum, Mechanical Museums and Historical ships SS Jeremiah O'Brien and USS Pampanito.
- Musee Mechanique (Mechanical Museum) Open Daily 10a.m. Free Admission. For quarts, one gets to see antique machines of arcade machines, both mechanical and electronic. An interesting look into the what gaming machines were in the past.
Some how watching the video and listening to the sounds, seem ideal for a night shoot of a creepy,carny horror flick.
- SS Jeremiah O'Brien and USS Pampanito are docked along pier 45. Both have tours for about USD12, for you to see the inner workings of these machines. For movie buffs, the engine room of the Jeremiah O'Brien was used in the film, Titanic. 
Pier 45 also has varying lengths of boat tours to take you for a tour around the bay area. 
Look at Map below to see the available routes. 

Lombard Street
The world's crookedest, 400m street with a speed limit of 5mph. The only way to overcome the area's natural 27% gradient, way too steep for most cars. Get a great view of the bay area. Its great that they blocked off a section, prime for taking pictures of Lombard Street.

Cable Car Museum
A great way to appreciate the complexity that goes behind the iconic trams.
See the continually running cables which operates the cable car system, running tirelessly in San Fran. The small museum of sorts have great placard write-ups and interestingly how the cars operates an why an entire line shuts down if a cable needs to be replaced.
Convinently, the place is also located at China Town for cheap eats. 
Click here for ABBA location of Cable Car Museum, located 1201 Mason St

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