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Munich - To Eat (31stOct2015 Burger House)

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Munich - To Eat

Munich - To Eat
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Burger House 
(300m walk from Hilton Hotel NOW CLOSED
Residents in the area complained of smelling like burgers.
There are two alternate locations located nearby!

Click here for Burger House 1 500m
Click here for Burger House 2 located 1km away but nearer to English Gardens )
A Joint which came recommended offering superb burgers. Anywhere they ask you how'd you'd like the doneness of your beef patties, you're in for a good meal. Their medium comes pink on the inside and that's the recommended doneness.
Ordered On:

Truffle Burger 12.99Euro
Blue Cheese Burger
*The truffle burgers are as good as ever. The blue cheese really shows true and has that distinct pungent flavor which doesn't over power the juicy beef patty. Its one of those pairings that you either love it, or hate it. As usual, they ask you the doneness with which you'd like your meat. Never a disappointment. Go for the sweet potato fries over the hand cut ones as they weren't as crispy.* 
Fed 3 at 20Euros Each

Ordered On:  
 Truffel Burger 12.99Euro
*Un-freaking believable! Its not just the use of truffle oil and mushrooms. Here they give the good stuff. Along with mushrooms, they top it up with preserved porchini toppings and that extra really elevated flavors. It is well worth it! As usual their beef patties are perfectly done, with a nice salt char on the exterior and meaty center done a lovely medium to medium rare.*
Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich 12.99Euro
 *The philly was done pretty well. A good piece of steak and served quite generously with a pile of greens. Okay but COME HERE FOR BURGERS!*
Sweet Potato Fries 

Guacamole Nothing special

About 40Euros Fed2
Detailed revised review of this place below. The place may just take top spot as the best burger! Holistically, its got some great sides, and their other creative burgers are worth checking out. Will definitely be returning to try their Chicken Burger which was told to me by waitstaff that its prepared with Camembert Cheese and cranberry, a classic pairing.

Ordered On:

Classic House Burger €7.49
Double House Burger €9.49
Chili Cheese Fries €4.99 
*One can give the chili cheese fries an absolute miss. Fries were a little soggy and there's no spice to it at all. 
Radler €3.50
Beer on tap €3.40

Total €28.87 Fed2
A short distance to walk, even in the cold, for good burgers. Juicy, beefy, greasy greatness done on the flat top with succulent tomatoes. A solid burger which I wouldn't mind returning to try the other variants. One can go to Hans Im Gluck for a healthier burger choice, located just down the road. Vegetarian burger options are also available here.

A revised review on the second meal! Oh no the dilemma! Who's the best burger in the entire network so far. I used to sing praise of my all time favorite burger joint,Pearl Deluxe Burgers in San Francisco. However, now having tried Burger House a second time, with their other sides and dishes, I must say Burger House may perhaps have the  more complete package. Am guessing depending on the sides ordered and quality of their products used makes it the superior choice without killing the wallet.

Their burgers are like the off spring of Super Duper's (SFO) lightly toasted sweet soft buns toasted, combined with Pearl's Deluxe (SFO) superior Patties! and elevated further with creative ingredients and quality product and toppings. A definitely must eat place again whenever in Munich. 
Click here for NEW LOCATION OF Burger House Burger House 1, Lothringer Straße 7, 81667 München, Germany 

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