Monday, November 2, 2015

ABBA Deal Germany - Munich - Rimowa and other Luggage

Munich - Rimowa Bags
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Munich - To Buy
Luggage Bags
Bring cash and loads of it.
I am not completely familiar with the price comparison for specific models, but reportedly prices of RIMOWAs and other luggage brands are comparable in price as compared to purchasing from Frankfurt Airport Shop. The Samsonite Bags are also a steal in Munich. 
Samsonite 124l. Largest sized.
Bought from Lederwaren at 330Euros. (without vat back yet)
Airport Shop selling at 380Euros ++ for a size smaller.
Singapore Airport, same model selling at 1090SGD.
Click here for Frankfurt REMOWA buying details.

Lederwaren Hetzenecker
(1.1km walk from Hilton Hotel)
- Cash Payment 10% off. ONLY FOR RIMOWA BAGS!
- Credit Card 5% off.
- VATT back at the airport. about additional 10%
There are three shops to choose from along the main walking street. Options are plenty, with other shops possibly holding stock of what you're looking for. 
Click here for ABBA location of nearest Lederwaren Hetzenecker

Shopping for Bags at the Airport
Limited selection available. However comparing at starting prices, you're better of going to any of the three Lederwarens along the main shopping street. 

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