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Milan - To Eat 07Nov2015 (Paper Moon, Osteria Al Fuoco Di Brace, Da Vic)

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Paper Moon
Located just at the start of Naopoleone Street (Click here for review), this recommended place (by Michael) for desserts, pastas and pizzas is a fantastic pit stop both before and after shopping. Prices are fairly reasonable and the place I'd say is popular. There was a queue just before opening and the place filled up quickly. Prior booking is definitely needed for larger groups.
Ordered on:
Spaghettu Tarantina
Spaghetti with clams, mussels, tomato and garlic 14
*Seafood itself gets an A-star for freshness. Spaghetti is done well. However, am not sure if it's a Italian trend but it's salty. Not wayyyy salty like other places like in Rome, but still salty. That's probably the only big draw back to the dish.*
Pizza Tartufata (Mozzerella, fontina, porcini,cream tartufata, Mozerella, fontina cheese, porcini mushroom, truffle cream. 14
This dish definitely caught my eye. Cheese on cheese with mushrooms and truffle? Sign me up! Nice base that's light and having sliced thinly sliced mushroom on pizzas is something I'd definitely incorporate into my future dishes for sure. It gives a nice juicy bite to the dish!
Aqua Natural 3.50 x1
Comes inclusive for service and table side bread 3.50/pax
Fed 2. Total 38.50

A good place to catch reasonably priced food, in an area with some overly priced stuff. Okay to give it a try in a pleasant setting and atmosphere. Others have tried and fed back as okay only. A shout out goes to the truffle ice-cream. Perhaps another time. The place is popular though as previously mentioned. 

Osteria Al Fuoco Di Brace
850m walk from Marriot Hotel Milan


A short walk from Marriott Hotel and very near Wagner station, this quaint corner shop also came recommended by others (Michael). A fantastic introduction to Florentine style steak, the must order here!

Ordered On

Fiorentina All'etto 5.50/100g. Minimum 600g order. Ours 650g 35.75
*A really good piece of steak. *Florentine style consist of a T-Bone traditionally sourced from either the Chianina or Maremma breed of cattle. The steak is grilled over charcoal fire, seasoned with salt, sometimes black pepper and olive oil applied immediately after the meat is retired.*Wikipedia.
They even cut up the meat for you! Really tender and juicy, with good fat distribution. In fact, i suspect that the meat is dry aged as well. The addition of quality olive oil is something I'd love to try out. It's less of a guilty pleasure than adding anchovy butter (strange sounding right but it's really good). A must try!*
Costolettine d'agnello (scottadito) 20.00
Lamb on Grill

An epic fail. The lamb Chops are really thin and were cooked medium well, or well well. A good char but perhaps not what we're used to. Flavored and seasoned well, but presentation and portion lacked.
Dessert 6

An interesting dessert. Pineapple holds the orange in place and drizzled over with a sugar syrup topped, with candied orange peel I believe. The dish has potential and other alcoholic possibilities. The peels were a little too tart and it did get too sweet towards the end. 
Aqua 3
Compulsory charge 2x3
Total: 72.75
Florentine steak is the order! Fairly priced I'd say and well worth the try. It was strange however they didn't ask for the doneness of either meat which presumably comes standard in most places. The lamb too was a little of a let down, but staff do not allow for a change of order once order is made. Perhaps something to be aware of.
Florentine steak! The steak style to order and give a try.

Da Vic
1.5km walk from Marriot Milan

To order: Florentine Steak
*Yet to be reviewed*
*ABBA Contribution by Michael*

3 Starter, 3portion of Florentine Steak with Drinks and Dessert 50/pax
No2 in trip advisor. 1.8km walk from Marriott Hotel Milan.
Charged 8/100g for steak.
Yet to be personally reviewed but Florentine Staek is the order!

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