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Dubai - To Eat 27thNov2015 (Silver Eagle, Calicut Notebook)

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Dubai - To Eat
Dubai - To Eat
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Silver Eagle
800m walk
Silver eagle does delivery now. Click here for full menu and number!
An oldie but a goodie. Located a little further down from Karachi (Click here for ABBAreview), the place is much smaller in comparison. People spill out onto the street and is reminiscent of Simpang Bedok prata stalls. 
Ordered On:
Everyone's so hungry and tired that there's only very quick photo taking. A whole load of standard orders. 
Complimentary serves of:
(Simple vegetable salad, Fried Onion Crispies (A little spicy but pretty nice) and 
Egg Omelet with onion/vegetables.) 
- Mango Lasi
- Masala Tea
- Bottled Water
- Briyani
- Chicken Tika
 - Cauliflower
- Mutton*Stand out order is definitely the Mutton Curry. Small cutlets of super tender pieces falling right of the bone. Superbly good without the gaminess. well worth the order. *
- Garlic Naan and Chapati Equivalent
The rest of the items were pretty much to Dubai standard.
Each paid 30Dirhams inclusive of tip. Fed 10. 
One doesn't even need to look at the menu as seasoned staff make space for crew and know the standard orders. They even picked up our local lingo, repeating your less sugar Masala Tea as Xiu Dai (Less sugar). Quite the entertainer, service and salesman.

Flavor wise comparing to other eateries is like comparing chicken rice in Singapore, its more or less there in flavor. The pluses of eating at Silver Eagle over others is probably the additional freebies, and the nuts and dates shop located right beside, which gives crew discount.

Calicut Notebook
400m walk away

Came recommended for its prata. It may look posh but the prices were reported to be reasonable.
Free Delivery to hotel with no minimum order!
- For free LAN line calls, dial the number with suffix 04 in front. While dialing local numbers, 04 is not required.
- Leave your hotel room number and collect from the lobby when call for pick up arrives. No more than 30mins wait!
Ordered On:
Porrata 2
*Light and fluffy and not at all greasy.*
Parneer Mango Curry 18
*I thought it was a fruit curry of sorts, but it turned out to be cheese in a sweetish curry similar to butter chicken.*
Mutton Chops 20
*Two mutton chops were very tender and had a lovely, light warm spice over it. It's not so hot that one will be chugging bottles of water.*
Fed1 Total 40Dirhams.  
Quick, easy and hassle free. Most of the other restaurant around the hotel also offer free delivery services with no minimum orders!

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