Tuesday, August 16, 2016

SFO - To Do (15Aug2016 Mustang Drive, Point Reyes Hog Island Oysters, Point Reyes Light House)

San Francisco - To Stay
San Francisco - To Do

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SFO - To Do
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Day Trip to Point Reyes
(Left at 9am and back at 6.30pm)

Starting the day with some Breakfast Pho Tan Hoa at 8am. Click here for Full review.
Muscle Car Rental 
Mustang car rental from enterprise on a Monday. Click here for all car rental deals, reviews and details. 

We rented the car on a Monday. There's no advice booking made, but the mustang was available with no delays. Total cost USD153.33 (comes with rental and insurance coverage.) Walk-in, request and we were off.F
- USD10 of fuel covers about 1/4 tank.

Point Reyes Hog Island Oysters
Although there is a Hog Island Oysters in San Francisco as well, this is a nice novelty location, that's serine and for some self shucking fun. Off course there's still the option for for pre-shucked oysters but where's the fun in that? Price also differs with self service ones going for cheaper.
 *Kumamotos on the far left and sizes of Hog Island Sweetwaters X-Small and up*

A quick shucking demonstration and you're pretty much on your way. Flat side up, shuck from the back and cut through the connective muscle. Done.  

The sales staff are quite helpful in sharing the differences in taste as well as preferred sizes for raw versus baked oysters. The smaller they are, the more tasty they are, the better to be had fresh. 
Additional USD5 each for shucking equipment and tools
Ordered On:
Hog Island Sweetwaters X-small USD12 per dozen*Very fresh and nice oysters. We could have gone a size larger but these were pretty good as well.*
Kumamotos USD17 per dozen
*These are super small but they have a buttery sort of taste to it.*

BBQ with Chipotle Bourbon Butter 4 for USD13

*These were the best enjoyed by all but they don't come cheap*
Total USD64.65 Fed4
A beautiful spot for picnics as other tables brought their own meats and BBQ table side whilst enjoying the super fresh oysters. A pleasant drive with changing landscapes. Actually a country side BBQ would have been fantastic, but that requiers a little more planning. 
- Advanced reservation for picnic/shucking experience is advised. We were lucky to get a slot, but it does help it was a working Monday. 
Its a bit of a drive to the other side but its picturesque and is the foggiest and western most point of the coast. Be prepared for a the 308 steps that await you, but the coastal view along with the natural sand stone structures are a sight to behold. The park rangers are very knowledgeable and can shed 'light' on any queries and questions you may have.
- Make sure the light house is open on your day of visit. CLOSED TUE WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY
- Its a 308 step down and up so be prepared to sweat a bit.
- Its best to go in winter where the beach is laden with Elephant Seals defending their turf and having their young. 

Click here for ABBA location of The Stinking Rose - A Garlic Restaurant, 325 Columbus Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94133, United States
Still good after 3years. Garlic is king here and Prime Rib is amazing. (Others have said that House of Prime Rib is even better.) Click here for Full review of Stinking Rose.
Click here for ABBA location of The Stinking Rose - A Garlic Restaurant, 325 Columbus Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94133, United States

The drive up to Point Reyes takes about 1.5hrs and its quite a scenic route. The coastal route however is a little frustrating due to the constant winding but the vast landscapes are really enjoyable. Pushing off in the morning is comfortable with more than ample time to check out the various sights. However, adding Muir woods (due to the winding path maybe too rush on time. Probably the light house alone without the Oyster shucking would work out just fine. Additional side attractions (depending on how much stamina you have left) for of an hour or so at Battery Spencer is also do-able for quick photo ops. The golden gate bridge visitor center and Fine art centers are add-ons that can be done as well.)  

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