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London - To Eat 24thMarch2014 ABBA Contribution (Gold Mine)

London - To Stay
London - To Eat
London - To Do

Gold Mine
*ABBA contribution by Frankie Tan 24thMarch2014*

Cantonese restaurant famous in London. Tripadvisor even claims many thinks its better than the renowned Four Season. 
 Updated 12March2017
Gold Mine now offers vacuum packing services for their duck/rosts

An oldie but a goodie and for good reason for it to stand the test of time as one of the
old favorite crew joints to go to. Located opposite Bays Water Station.
Ordered On: 
*Usual crew set with three orders of duck this time round!*
Ordered On:
Pre CNY Eve Lunch
No jacking up of prices for the standard Crew set.
Minimum 5packs at £11/pax

Any order at 8 dishes. Simple and you definitely get more with a larger group!Watercress and pork Bone Soup (With compliments)

*Simple soup*
Crispy Deep Fried Duck
*a variation from the normal Peiking Duck dish.*
Lamb Curry

*Really tender meat morsels without a overpowering gamy taste. Almost as good as the
best lamb curry found at Bowrington Road Market Wai Kee Lamb Curry in HKG.
Comparable but still losses out.*
Fried Bean Curd

Steamed Century Egg and Bean Curd

Kai Lan (Vegetables)

Roast Pork

*Good flavor and done a little differently with the crispy skin soaked in their flavorful
Char Siu
Roast Duck

*I rarely get the chance to eat at Goldmine, but I must say the duck here is definitely
one of the best I've ever had. I must say it even beats many of the other famous duck
joints in Hong Kong by flavor! Sinfully good with its fat distribution and pairs perfectly
with the non-overbearing soy sauce. Duck fat, spice rub for the duck and soy sauce.
over hot rice is what all one really needs! A must order and also available for take
aways. The duck is the clear standout! Take aways are available but it's totally no where
close to having it there.*

*Complimentary, super sweet Oranges at the end of the meal*
£14 per pax Fed 11 on the eve of eve CNY.
*ABBA contribution by Frankie Tan 24thMarch2014*

Must try are the Cantonese Duck and Char Siew as well as Roast Pork. Crew set is 55GBP for any choice of 5 dishes. You can order this with 4 person as well. If you have a bigger party the. It is 11 GBP per pax for corresponding number of dishes. You will be served clear soups while waiting for your food.

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