Saturday, February 20, 2016

Milan - To Eat ABBA Contribution by Y.H introduced by Lee B.S 20Feb2016 (Happy Days)

Milan - To Stay
Milan - To Do
Milan - To Eat
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Milan - To Eat
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Happy Days 
900m/11min walk form Marriot Milan 
ABBA Contribution by Y.H / introduced by Lee B.S
(Yet to be reviewed)

"There's a not too bad joint near Locando, called Happy Days. Portions are big and give a slight discount by rounding the bill down.
Run by Chinese whom were very attentive and portions are actually quite big. Quite a lot of locals go their for their meals and its full house at about 1pm.
They gave free oranges after the meal but am not sure if they offer free coffee as well.
Fed 4 People at 60 Euros. Lobster Pasta goes at 15.50Euros and the rest of the normal dishes at about 7-8Eurs" - Y.H
Ordered On:
21Feb2016 (On a second meal visit)
*Am not too sure which is which*Coperto x4 2Euros
1Aqua Naturale 2Euros
  Spaghetti Vongole Veraci 9Euros
Linguine Astice 15.50Euros

Carne Varie 15Euros
Contornie Varie 5Euros

Tiramisu 4Euros

Water 2 Euros

Fed 4 at 70Euros

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