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Sydney - To Eat 19Dec2015 (Meet Fresh, Ippudo Ramen)

Sydney - To Stay
Sydney - To Do
Sydney - To Eat
Sydney - To Eat
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Meet Fresh
(8min walk 700m from Hilton Hotel)
Taiwanese dessert I think.

Ordered On:
  *Happiness in a bowl :D*
Ordered On:

Shaved ice, herbal jelly, taro and mochi balls.

 *Somehow, from memory, proportions here are much larger in comparison to Perth. Ice
was nice and smooth and the portions, in all honesty could be shared. However, it's still
no struggle to finish a big bowl of pure indulgence. My vote goes to the herbal jelly
order! Thumbs up for herbal jelly option over the bean curd one had in Perth. Will return
for herbal jelly orders in future!*

Promo coconut cream cake at AUD2 were pretty good too but was just too full to finish
them all.
Located in China Town, its a short walk from the party places and dinner outlets.
Click here for ABBA location of Meet Fresh, 13 Goulburn Street, Haymarket NSW 2000, Australia

Ippudo Ramen (Sydney)
(200m 5min walk from Hilton Hotel)

Not going to Japan anytime soon to get Ippudo ramen? Ippudo branch located in Westville mall Sydney Level 5.
Ippudo is another one of those popular ramen places that have two factions. One for Ichiran Ramen (Haneda Yokohama Branch Japan), and one for Ippudo. (There's also an Ichiran branch in Hong Kong)
Ordered On:
Akamaru Special 23AUD Each All-In

*A basic set comes with noodles and two slices of meat. Additional AUD3 gets you the
egg with was a little disappointing. I was expecting for the on-sen type of egg with a
runny interior. The additional top up gets you well much more ingredients.*
Additional Bean Sprouts at AUD2
Waygu Prime Beef Steak 25AUD

*Nicely presented I must say. Having the salt and slightly sour, Japanese dipping sauce
at the side really brought out the flavor. Its supposed to come with fries but we opted for
"healthier version" with additional salad as a replacement. The meat had fats marbled
but the meat was a little on the chewy side, I suspecting it is in fact a Waygu but a chuck
cut. Pretty okay value for a small steak serving with an almost 1AUD:1SGD exchange
Total Fed 2 75AUD

A check off the list. Finally able to try Ippudo. Does it match up to Japan's original Ippudo, I have no base reference at date of trying. However, as far as Ramen goes, it's definitely up there with the known, Japanese boys. Noodles was wonderfully springy (You can choose your hardness and I elected for Hard) and the broth nice and fragrant. 
Condiments of chili oil (a rarity) and chili powder are available to spice things up. We went at 1330hrs. Although there was a queue of about 16people ahead, but it moved pretty fast in about 15mins.

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