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Sau Paulo - To Eat 05Dec2015 (Food court Hamburguer H3, Nova Renascer Lanchonete, Rangos Restaurante, Gepaul)

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Sao Paulo - To Eat 
 Food court (Hamburger H3)
ABBATip: Food court are open on the weekends. Saturday, food stalls started closing or were closed by 8pm. Even upon arrival, McDonalds was closed!
 Pretty much decent size beef burger patties with different condiments. A cross between  American and Japanese steak patty dinners. 
Ordered On:
Carbonara Set meal

Comes with choice of 2of  three sides, (Rice/Chips/Salad)
and a drink (Lemondae, Strawberry and something else)
 *Pretty decent. They ask for the doneness of meat but don't really deliver on it.
Its basically a rather meaty, beef patty served with sauces and as pictured. Pretty good tasting and filling meal. Beef patties could have been better with a little more fat in it. Beer not included. Decent value meal*
Click here for ABBA location of Food Court near Hilton Sao Paulo.

Nova Renascer Lanchonete
(400m from Hilton Hotel. Opens ALL week long)
English Menu is available.

This is probably the only place that's still open on a weekend and on a Sunday. Things at the food court reviewed above closed before 8pm on a Sunday.
Ordered On:
Beef Ribs R16and Chicken R15 which come with beans and rice
*Beef was pretty good actually. Quite tender and pretty good actually. The chicken however was on the tough side. Survival food really. They have a very limited menu on Sundays. Only these 2 Items on menu which were ordered.*
Acai With Milk R14
*The popular drink to have. Acai is a antioxidant and healthy berry that with the blended milk gives a fantastic shake with a pleasant after taste. Worth the order. FYI Beers were much cheaper at R9.* Fed3 Approx R26 each

The only place that's open on a Sunday! The mall's food court was closing up even at 7.30pm even earlier than on Saturday evening. This place is like the 24hr prata stalls and still serves up food with an extremely limited selection. A quick bite to settle for the night. The Acai berry drink was well worth to try. A popular, local, antioxidant healthy drink.
P.S Shout out goes to the staff who were honest. I gave them 10Euros by accident, they returned the money highlighting the mistake and requesting Brazilian Reais. They are limited by English though but are helpful. 
Click here for ABBA location of Nova Renascer Lanchonete - Rua Flórida, 1724 A - Cidade Monções, São Paulo - SP, 04565-001, Brazil

Rangos Restaurante
(500m walk from Hilton Barcelona)

 Their lunch menu
A popular restaurant that's available to the crew, a stone's throw away from the hotel. 
Ordered On:
Detox Fruit Juice R6.90*I had Acai their local health fruit but had run out. Detox juice was ok.*
Their Bread Pastry with beef stuffing R3.90
*Their local stuffed bread were really good, with filling and spices very similar to meat filling found in Murtabak(Indian meat pastry dish). Good flavor and spices and worth the amount of filling that it comes with.*
Passion Fruit Juice R5.80
*Awesome! The fruits of the amazon. Yeah I saw them add sugar to the blender, but the flavors of the passion fruit screams through.*
Salmon Served with rice and vegetables R29.90
*For the pricing, you get a lot more than one would expect. Nicely spiced and a nice char on the outside. The salmon could be a little more under but its a strong showing especially for the price. Goes very well with their local hot sauces!*
 Fed1 R46.50
Rango's has a pretty large a compound serving up pretty decent eats! Too bad they aren't open on Saturday Evenings and Sundays! Their bread pastries are awesome snacks and will be coming back to try some of their other dishes. Sandwiches, burgers and many more. 
Click here for ABBA location of Rangos Restaurante Hilton São Paulo Morumbi - Avenida das Nações Unidas, 12901 - Brooklin Paulista, São Paulo - SP, 04578-000, Brazil

(ABBA Contribution)
located 500m from Hitlon Sao Paulo. 
Further down the same street is Rangos reviewed above.
Click here for ABBA location of Gepaul - Rua Leon Foucault, 1493 - Cidade Monções, São Paulo - SP, 04567-090, Brazil
Ordered On:
Beef Stroganoff R26
Comes with soup!
 *Not too bad. The Beef was braised tender with lots of stew dripping which goes well with the rice. Portion are just nice for a meal.*
(ABBA Contribution)

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