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Sao Paulo - To Do 06Dec2015 (Mercado Municipal de São Paulo)

Sao Paulo - To Stay
Sao Paulo - To Do 
Sao Paulo - To Eat
Sao Paulo - To Do/Eat
Mercado Municipal de São Paulo 
(The central Market) 
Getting there:
Taking a cab takes about 30mins at 60BRL each way.

An amazing array of South African fruits await your taste buds. Loads and loads of free sampling from all the stalls around. Try the sweetest fruit you've ever tasted and awaken your taste-buds to what nature has to offer! Nuts, cured meats, cheeses and chilies. Worth the exploration and buying some home. 
 *Having strawberry with condensed milk*
 *Interesting local fruit that's a pseudo cross of mangosteen, coconut and sour sop. Really superb service as staff washed and cut it upon request.*
*One sample and was sold. A really aromatic scent and at R20*

 *Chilies and awesome hot sauces available for sale. The stall is located at the back to the right entering from the main entrance. Too far to go for hot sauces? There's a dedicated hotsauce shop in Pier 39 (SFO) with an even wider selection.*

Go to the shops further inside to buy your fruits. They're cheaper than those centrally located.
Upper Floors offers more dining options!
O Famoso E Aqui
*Located midway further down. The restaurant allows order from its two combined restauraunts*

Ordered On:
 Caiprinhas - 450ml BRL27
 *This is the national drink order you gotta have. You get to mix it with a choice of fruits. We opted for Passion Fruit and Mango.
A really nice drink with kick from either choice of Vodka or Sake. A must order!*

*Pictured corner left btm, the fried salt cod with lime squeeze was really good and was like having crab cakes. The lime really cuts through the fry.*Camarao Rei R$23.75
* Not as picutred. The prawns aren't that fresh but it was ok.*
Pastel De Bacalhau
Saleted cod fish in puff pastry

*Pretty much the same sort of filling as the elongated fry with the lime wedges*
 Belissima R$29.75

*A signature of theirs but its basically a lot of picnic ham stacked atop one another. Really salty thou*
Queijo R$16.75

Chorizo Angus deep cut R$59.95
*The star order!!!* 
Fed 7 About R50 each
Overall consensus was that the steak was indeed the star order. Very well done and fantastic in the Chorizo sauce. The fat was just concentrated flavors!

The other three highlights were probably the four cheese, the batter salt cod mixture with lime squeeze, and definitely the
Caiprinhas. Order to share. The puff pastry isn't very heavy but it does get filling quite quickly. Also there so much stuff to try downstairs too! So save some space.
Click here for ABBA location of Mercado Municipal de São Paulo - R. da Cantareira, 306 - Luz, São Paulo, 01103-200, Brazil

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