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Barcelona - To Do 04Dec2015 Sagrada Família (Gaudi), Museu Del Modernisme Barcelona, Jamone Experience, Park Guell, Mercat de les Corts, Magic Fountain/Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya)

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Sagrada Família (Gaudi)
Sagrada Familia
24 (Depends if you go for all options)

 13 for basic entry, 4.50 Audio Guide 4.50 Lift to one of the towers.
Tickets come with fixed timings in order to
manage traffic flow to this impressive structure.

Like much of Gaudi's genius, he's come up with yet another stunning piece of architecture. Definitely not to be missed!

The back facade, where which tickets are being bought is Gaudi inspired. It is an interpretation by others of what they think he'd want the final design to be. The front however is undeniably his works and his distinct style shines through. Both figuratively and metaphorically. 

The thought process behind his design of Sagrada Familia is both stunning and inspiring. The importance of light and sound in his designs and how that dynamic variable changes throughout the day is taken into full consideration. It's effects pay off in spades with beautiful color array within the cathedral.

Well worth the visit, and I'd definately like to return in the evening to see it in the night. The extra 4.50Euro for the ride up the lift is a must!
ABBATIp:Take the stairs down. It is an experience in itself.

ABBATip: Take the stairs down. You'll truly experience Gaudi's beautiful designs.*
The audio guide is somewhat of a 50/50. Without it, one probably can't sort through the genius behind the madness of his designs and motifs. With that said, we did listen at the beginning, but sorta forgot about the audio guides midway through and only referring to them sporadically. Undeniably a must visit and re-visit.
Museu Del Modernisme Barcelona
Entry €10 for adults, €7 for students
A really small museum on modernism housing some of Gaudi's distinct furniture pieces. By small I mean really small. A two level structure. This place can be skipped. 
Probably the only interesting piece to me was the use of glass beads to building a complete picture. Stunning and interesting piece of work, reminiscence of Peranakan beaded shoes. 
Click here for ABBA location of Museu del Modernisme de Barcelona, Carrer de Balmes, 48, 08007 Barcelona 
Jamon Experience
Along La Ramblas
(Opens 10am)
Visited 09Dec2015

€18 for entry. Included a sampling platter and 2 drinks (Red/White/Cava/Beer/Water)
Well worth it! The self guided tour was very educational and well presented. The tour itself is short though but it gives you an appreciation of Jamon Ham.
Where you really get your money's worth is when you get to taste the ham. Each of the hams from the regions and 'cook' style taste distinctively different from one another. Superb flavors and expose oneself to what real Jamon Ham should taste nice.  

We were really lucky on our visit. They were doing a program interview on the Jamon experience. In payment they doubled up our ham which was well worth! Great experience with everyone buying some Jamon back.

 Park Guell
Visited 09Dec2015
8Euro for entry
A beautiful park that's once again design by the genius that is Gaudi. Awe inspiring with the use of mosaic motifs and blend of colors and shapes to deliver to us this beautiful park. Loads and loads of photo opportunities.

Especially with Park Guell located atop the hill, offers a spectacular view of the city of Barcelona.
- Take a taxi up. As the slope is quite steep. Approx 10Euros from La Ramblas
- Time your visit at about Sunset for some of the best shots.
- NOTE that park guell does not light up in the night.

Mercat de les Corts
Morning Market (750m walk from Hilton Barcelona)
A little local market located a short walk from Hilton Barcelona. Opens at 7am. Great photo ops to see locals set up shop as they display the freshest Barcelona has to offer. Breakfast is also available on location with decent toast and coffee. 
Tried their strange shaped tomatoes. Staff at the corner cafe we kind enough to cut em up for us to have. Sandwiches are pretty large orders, so just be aware of that.
Magic Fountain/Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya
(Closest station is Espanya station)

Visited 10Dec2015

A beautiful place to be. The fountain was spectacular and even more so during a song and light show, from what I was told only occurs only on the weekends. I'll definitely return just to enjoy the exterior of the magnificent structures of both the museum and the magic fountain in the night.
Entry stands at 12Euros for adults and 8.40Euros for students
Just the exterior of the place was fantastic, but entry to the exhibits, I must say is pretty well stocked and features arts across the ages. One gets a good spread of art pieces during the periods and how it progresses to the modern times.

A nice afternoon out, but the sight of the city from the top of the hill and building is definately a sight to behold.

Worth a visit as well will return just to catch the light show and go up by cable car to the castle (another tourist attraction to see the harbor and city)
Tickets are valid for 2entry within a period of one month. Try to time your visit or second visit on the weekend to catch the magical fountain and light show. Search online for more details.

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