Monday, February 16, 2015

Hong Kong - To Eat (16Feb2015 Yee Shun Milk Company, 金源小館 Jin Yuan Xiao Dian )

Hong Kong - To Eat
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Yee Shun Milk Company

Ordered On: 
Steamed Milk Ginger (Pictured behind) HOTSteamed Milk Coffee
 *The ginger one was really nice. Not overly strong but a nice flavor to it. The steamed milk coffee, fairly standard. Just the standard coffee added to the mix.*

Ordered On: 

Yee Shun Milk dessert

Hot Milk dessert with Red Bean

We weren't a fan of red bean and most of it was left behind. Pretty much the same milk dessert but with

Cold Chocolate Milk Dessert

Another popular choice of order. As seen with the two missing scoops, its like eating gelatinized chocolate milk. Cold, refreshing and for the sweet tooth.

Ordered on:

Steamed Milk Cold HKD31
Textured like a powdery bean curd but a light gentle flavors. ice and refreshing.

Mango Milk Shake HKD34

It's like having mango dessert at Hui Lau San (click here for ABBA of Hui Lau Sanreview) but without the premium pricing.
Total HKD65 Fed1

Jing Yuan Xiao Guan
Kam Yun Xiu Kun (Cantonese)
400m from Wan Chai MTR station

Ordered On:
Garlic Chicken HKD105

A fantastic Half-chicken dish served with their delicious, unique, raw garlic sauce. Chicken is definitely fresh Kangpong Chicken(Like village chicken which are free to run. Free ranged).
The meat from even the breast, is incredibly succulent and juicy. Their raw garlic sauce/marinate, surprisingly doesn't have as sharp a taste as compared to eating garlic straight up! Its so good that we asked for a sauce top up! We were tempted for a third but I think wait staff would most likely charge. Also dont ask for topup too early as waitstaff would tell you to finish what you have first. We assumed a one time free top up only. Phenomenal and unique! The best cold chicken dish I've ever had.
Kai Lan HKD68

Home grown sweet greens vegetables. Really just taste the natural sweetness of vegetables with this generous serving of vegetables. The only critic would be that their dishwasher on the salty side if you're not having it with rice.
Scallops HKD35 each
These huge scallops were well worth the order. Huge, sweet, succulent pieces.
Unbelievable sized scallops, with vermicelli and garlic 
Like having a great meal wasn't enough on its own, the icing on the cake, is that this
place comes with complimentary desert with choice of puree of pumpkin (hot) or sweet
bean curd (Cold). What better way is there to end the night.
Total HKD270 Fed2

Ordered On:

Garlic Chicken 

All thumbs up here! all hugely satisfied after failed makan at Chi Ji Wanton Mee.

One must come and try this Cold Chicken dish! My go to place next time am returning to Hong Kong and must eat joint. 

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