Friday, February 20, 2015

SFO - To Do (Livermore Wholesale Outlet ABBA contribution by David Liow and Jeremy Chia)

San Francisco - To Stay
San Francisco - To Do

San Francisco - To Eat
San Francisco - To Do
Livermore Wholesale Outlet Store
(14Feb2015 ABBA contribution by Jeremy Chia and David Liow)
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 Getting There by Public
Our train station is Powell St, outlet mall is at Dublin/Pleasanton on the blue line.

To buy BART ticket, Check how much the return fare cost (I think 11.90 if I'm not mistaken), the Fare table is displayed on the Ticket machine.So u can put in zhun
zhun 11.90 or 12.00 up to you, don't go put 20.00 or 30.00, cos any unused amount is, although refundable, is very troublesome (mailed back to u in 5-6 days, etc - not worth the effort)

Train ride is 55-60mins. After arrive at Dublin/Pleasanton, exit and turn left (u won't miss the bus stand area). Look for "R" (Rapid) that goes towards East Avenue (the other R service goes Stoneridge or something like that). To be safe, ask driver. Driver very helpful. Will tell u how much to pay, and will alert u when you arrive at your stop.

The bus fare is normally $2.00 but if u can prove u came via BART, u only pay $1.00. So by right the BART ticket they wanna see the "clipper ticket" - which is the printed version of the BART indicating where u boarded and alighted. However, both times I went, I purchased the ticket from the machine in Powell St was the "top-up value" kind of ticket, like EZ-link, to be used to go any station (that's why it allows u to top-up any amount u wish). The bus driver very nice they accepted that ticket and gave me discount anyway. So I paid $1.00 for the bus fare. Hold on to the bus ticket, it's valid for your return too.

Alternatively, travel on the hour, you can hop onto free casino/outlet shuttle bus. Exit train station turn right, you will find a black coloured bus,similar looking to our airport hotel bus. Free travel. Bus comes hourly.

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