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Hong Kong - To Do (17Feb2015Sino Center - Secret Base, Stanley Market)

Hong Kong - ToDo
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Secret Base
Hot Toys Official Store


For all you Hot Toy collector fans out there, this is the place to scope out the ultra detailed models. Secret Base, as its so aptly named is located on the 20th Story of Sino Center. The entrance already speaks volumes and happy snapping away at all these collectables for their ultra-realistic scuplts.
Click here for ABBA location of Secret Base
20/F., Sino Centre, 582-592 Nathan Road, Mong Kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong

 A very interesting rendition of female predators.

 22July2015 Visit

22July2015 Visit
Click here for ABBA location of Secret Base 20/F., Sino Centre, 582-592 Nathan Road, Mong Kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Stanley Market
Getting there:
I had taken Bus14 from San Wan Ho MTR which was about 20mins travel,crossing a scenic bridge and reservoir.
Click here for ABBA direction to Stanley Market ToFrom Causeway Bay

However there is bus 40 From Causeway Bay (which I took for the return journey) to Stanley Market Bus(Ask concierge for specific travel details of bus station) About HKD10 per trip and payable with octopus card.
I took bus 40 back and it dropped near causeway bay station. Travel journey back took approximately 30mins. One can expect the same travel time if taking from Causeway Bay.
Note the pick up and drop of points are slightly different so adjust accordingly in Googlemaps.

 Although Bus 40 is not reflected above, its probably another smaller bus that's not reflected on the map seen above. Its an express and goes through the Aberdeen Tunnel. I
Taking Mini-Bus 40 back to Causeway Bay
Click here for ABBA direction to Stanley Market
Stanley Market
Stanley Market is pretty much a collection of street shops selling usual souvenirs and various trinkets. There are however some stand outs. Explore the smaller alley ways to discover small bistros and other shops.
 Stanley Market - Argentum (Jewelery)
Top notch craftsmanship of Stirling silver pieces with loads of detailing. They've got a beautiful range of whimsical, woodland/sea creatures and bugs designs. Perfect for display or as jewelery pieces.

Barking Lot Cafe at Stanely Market

Need a break from shopping. Stop by this SPCA where funds go toward the care and fostering of animals. There's nothing special about their simple coffee and their bottle drinks at about HKD20 a pop, but the proceeds go towards a good cause. Plus you get to play with puppies!

Click here for ABBA location of Barking Lot Cafe
After walking through Stanley market, you get rewarded with the beautiful view of the bay. Along the shoreline are lined with bistros catering mostly to the western pallet and crowds. A meal and a drink along there would go for about HKD250.

Taking picture of the pier, the equivalent of botanic gardens piazza. 
The middle to upper class shopping center has a lot of home wear as well as some uniqe boutique shops, definitely worth a pop in and exploration.
*Door stopped and bookends*
 *Roast duck tea towels/T-shirts*
Beautiful scenery with fairly decent stuff to buy from the market itself. I had purchased the octopus necklace from Argentum for HKD650 and almost a shirt (lacking in size) from the markets. Worth a trip down for the review, some light shopping and perhaps next time a meal by the coast.

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