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Hong Kong To Eat (09Dec2014ABBA Contribution Calvin Chan Ichiran Ramen, Se Wong Yee 二王蛇, Delicious Kitchen)

Hong Kong - To Eat
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Ichiran Ramen
(650m walk from Parklane Hotel)
 09Dec2014 ABBA contribution by Calvin Chan

Ichiran Raman, open 24hrs and located just 7-8 mins walk from Park Lane hotel along Jaffe Road. The soup is pork based and heavenly.

You can customise the ramen to your liking adding various ingredients to your liking. I had the cold egg on the 2nd visit and it certainly does not disappoint. 

Ordering is simple pen down your choice of how you would like your ramen, press the small button on the side of the table and hand the waiter your slip.

You order arrived in 5 mins or under and the waiter passes it to you via bows and closes the small bamboo curtain and enjoy your meal !

Se Wong Yee
Snake Soup
(550m from Parklane Hotel)

As shared by local, famous joint found in Causeway Bay.

 *They do half and half take aways for Yun Cheong
(duck liver) and Lap Cheong at 168HKD*
Click here for ABBA location of Se Wong Yee 銅鑼灣波斯富街24號 Se Wong Yee Hong Kong
Ordered On:
Three Roast Meal with rice. 85HKD each
Ordered On: 
x2 each Preserved pork and duck liver.
x4 Meat. Duck, Roasted Pork, Char Siew and Soy Chicken *Not pictured*.
*The Soy Chicken was incredibly tender and as always, fantastic with their spring onion ginger mixture. Tender, not overly salty and good fat distribution on the chicken.

100HKD per pax. Fed3

 Ordered On:

Signature Snake Soup 62HKD

This place, according to the nice Hong Konger aunty seated next to me, is the famous restaurant located in Causeway bay. Snake soup is said to provide excellent health benefits and often made with two different types of snake meat.

The meat is pretty much unidentifiable as another Hong Kong Lady seated across from me tried to tell me to look out for the black stringy bits. The soups itself is boiled with Chrisenthinum and Lemon Leaves, along with typical sweet and sour soup ingredients (pork, mushroom, fungus).

The dish seems to resemble the story of the stone soup, where all the other ingredients
provide the flavor rather than the snake meat itself. Think thick, sweet and sour soup,
without the sweet and sour, but with nice floral accents from the Chrysanthemum leaves
and a hint of zest from the lemon leaves.
Order their roast pot sets. As shared by other crew, their varied roast pork rice is very
good and Char Siew Rice is their staple to packet prior departure. Their roast meat lunch
sets were pretty much ordered by other patrons when I was there in the afternoon. Review of their roast meats below!
Ordered on:

- 4 meat options portioned for two. Preserved Duck Liver, Roast Pork, Char Siu, Goose.With a serving of vegetables.

*Still taste great even after heating it up later in the day. Personal preference still goes towards the standard (preserved pork) lap cheongs over their preserved duck livers.*
- A bowl of Rice HKD9
- Snake Soup HKD62
- Chinese Tea HKD16
Fed2 Total: HKD257

Ordered on:

Tri-Meat Roast Set with additional serve of boiled vegetables.

Rice HKD15
Vegetables HKD16
Mixed meat combo HKD46
- Roast Pork
- Char Siew (BBQ Pork)
- Lap Cheong (Preserved fatty pork)
Total HKD77 Fed1

+ Additional side order of cabbage
Always in HKG, ones has got to order their simple, yet sinful roast meat dishes.
- The Char Siew, request for full fatty or half fatty meat for a juicer, succulent cuts. One of the most moist and succulent char Siew I've ever had. I now understand the must packet away order.
- Their roast pork is better than Tai Heng (click here for ABBA review of Tai Heng). No
heavy pork smell, with a super crispy exterior. Tip top roasted pork belly, with no less
expected from Hong Kong.
- Their Lap Cheong is very fragrant, fatty and has a light alcoholic accent to it. This is possibly due to the curing or making process some brandy added to the mix. It's not bad but I was actually wanted to order duck liver sausages (darker colored preserved sausages) but didn't know what its called. I'll have to come back to try another time.
P.S Their preserve sausages are available for purchase off the rack for your consumption. Note: Don't be expecting vacuum packing services. Thus far I've been buying from known brand Wing Wah from the airport which comes with a 15% discount (Click here for more details). Have yet to try from here.
Ordered on:
ABBA Contribution by Calvin Chan
If you've never had snake soup before this is definitely the place to have it for the 1st time. The snake comes in a soup that has a thick base, much like hot n sour soup or fish maw soup. Can't really say much more then very flavorful and value for money, originally the set meal comes with rice and Chinese sausage but we opted to change to cha siew and chicken for a small bump in the price we felt it was worth the extra paid. 
Total HKD106
People say that snake soup raises the body temperature and I'd have to agree as we were all feeling the effects of the soup after stepping out of the restaurant into the cold Hkg night without jackets. 
Click here for ABBA location of Se Wong Yee 銅鑼灣波斯富街24號 Se Wong Yee Hong Kong

Delicious Kitchen

(200m from Parklane Hotel)
Ordered on:
Pork Chop with Vegetable Rice

Somewhat of a following from four four days. The standard order is, vegetable rice with Pork Cutlet (option for doubling up the cutlet) An oldie but a goodie that crew have been patronizing for years. Some have traveled all the way from Kowloon side just to check off his  personal must eat joint.

Simple food fair. The pork cutlet was fresh out the fry with a semi sweet glaze over it. The juiciest parts are off course near the bone. The rice vegetable dish really added a unique aromatic quality to the dish.

Simple food fair, filling and located a stone throw away from Park Lane Hotel. I'd personally go for the double portion. I personally don't see the strong allure, but there's only so much Dim Sum and roasts one can eat whenever in HongKong. Frequent delicious kitchen goers don't recommend the drunken chicken and the rest of the dishes seem so-so. The pork cutlet is the go to order as seen.
Ordered On:
ABBA Contribution by Calvin Chan
Delicious Kitchen, go for the pork chop rice or beef tendon rice, cheap and good value for money as the set meal comes with a choice of soup. 
The beef was soft and tender and the pork chop were pretty good overall. Also ordered the fried fish and cold drunk chicken. Have to say I'd recommend the fish for the sweet sauce its based in but not the cold drunken chicken.  Location is about a 5 min walk from the hotel and is good for a quick fix as its not usually crowded.


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