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Sydney - To Eat 12Aug2017 (Black Swan Pastry, Hurricane's Grill)

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Sydney - To Eat
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Black Star Pastry
Recommended by Vernetta
Black star pastry is located within the premises of Kinokuniya within The galleries beside Hilton Sydney hotel.
*Instagram worthy only. The Cake is not at all worth the steep asking price of 8AUD.
Rose syrup and petals, with pistachio for the toppings, layered with a fresh watermelon layer in between. These turned out to be more song and dance that ‘justified’ the high asking price. A pleasant cake but too small a portion.*
As far as bakeries, cakes and sweets goes, the one that stands out at tops is Mr Holmes Bake House located in SFO and their must have Cruffin (whose flavor changes daily!). So so cake that's not worth.

Hurricane's Grill
(Chain found in multiple locations)
Recommended by Calvin Chew as his top ribs joint.
Click here for ABBA Locations of Hurricane's Grill located around Sydney
We literally quoted what their bibs were saying. We were there just for their ribs. Proceeded for a hearty lunch before exploring the world famous Bondi Beach in Sydney.
Ordered On:
Combo ribs. Choice of 2 ribs with a side. Baked Potato

*We went for the most popular orders namely the pork and beef ribs.The beef ribs are by far  the best Beef ribs had thus far. Superior to even Grill House’s beef ribs (located in Johannesburg). The ribs here at Hurricane’s grill are really meaty, fall off bone tender and that sauce is phenomenal. Smokey, sweet and not overly sourish. A great mix and we almost wanted an additional Serving of sauce. That’s quality Aussie beef product for you.

The pork ribs, although fall off the bone but the meat are a little chewy. They are probably at par with Castells and loose by way of meatiness and flavor to Cafe De Klos, both of which are located in Amsterdam. Rusticanna in Munich still reigns supreme of the pork ribs battle.

Give the baked potato a miss. Its probably the variety of potatoes that they have. It tastes watery and not that flavorful. Stick to their fries.*
Fed 2 at AUD52 total
Their bibs could not state our sentiment any more clearly. Am here for the ribs and the stand out is the BEEF RIBS! A must have. Will try their lamb ribs the next time around!

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