Thursday, August 3, 2017

Moscow - To Do 3Aug2017 ABBA Contribution Dora (Raddison Cruise)

Moscow - To Stay
Moscow - To Do
Moscow - To Eat

Moscow - To Do
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Raddison Cruise
(ABBA Contribution Dora)

Journey time Raddison cruise
2 piers available with 2 different routes. Dont go to wrong pier!
1) gorky park pier (express route)
- express crusie 90 min
2) hotel ukraina (opposite raddison hotel, 15 min uber ride from crew hotel)
- 2.5 hrs journey. Just nice if u want a meal n drink n dessert on cruise. Not too expensive too.
You can view the schedule @ below link n book it. If you want to cancel, you can get full refund if you cancel within 1 hr before departure. 
I went for day cruise & night cruise, both 2.5 hrs journey. They've got 1 which is a different slightly more ex, but got live band & all. However there are only 2 timings. I cant remember but its the royal version. Think is either 4pm & 8pm which was fully book and i dint get to try.
I went is the dept from hotel ukraina 2.5 hrs. But royal one which i pointed out above is abit more costly but got entertainment on board and seat is slightly different. However, the tickets sold out quite quickly cause there's only 2 timing available everyday so i din get to try.

Food is available on board but at your own cost. 


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