Thursday, August 3, 2017

Hong Kong - To Eat 01Aug2017 ( Ho Lee Fook, Yam Cha)

Hong Kong - To Stay
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Ho Lee Fook
Click here for ABBA location of Ho Lee Fook 1-5 Elgin St, Central, Hong Kong
Located a lane down from PMQ (Trendy indie shops featuring local Hong Kong artists), among the many trendy eats lay this tongue in cheek, funky Chinese fusion joint that’s family run. Ho Lee Fook chefs are from Taiwan and have cooked in Australia for past 10years.
Ordered On:
Korobuto pork char-siu, a mix of mix of lean and fatty cut. 198HKD

*Pricey and not so wow. Yeah they do say it comes with lean and fatty cut but honestly we can't see the difference in fat content. The premium price asked is probably because its Korobuto pork. Give this a skip.*
Shima Aji, Tokyo negi, roast green shallot oil, pickled jalapenos HKD168

*Wow speak about portion control. Pricey but the concepts work very nicely together. A light heat with the refreshing shallots. The fish is similar to yellow tail shashimi.*
Egg fried rice, sugar snap peas, corn, furikake 118HKD 

(recommended by waiter)
*A really good and strong fried rice dish. The sweet corn and furikake worked beautifully! The rice's got the Wok Heh flavor. Worth the order.*
Lamb dan dan noodles, seasame paste, crispy panko, spiced herb HKD138
(recommended by waiter)
 *Its like spaghetti in a cream like sauce with flavors of sesame oil and cumin. Very interesting and was pretty good as well*
 Jack’s salt and pepper grouper with silken tofu and lemon 188HKD

*Veryyyyy nice. The batter gives a super crispy exterior around the silky soft tofu and grouper. By far the best salt and better fry had to date. Though there's some chili, its not at all spicy.*
Fried cauliflower, Brussel sprouts, maple bacon chilli jam 98HKD

(recommended by waiter)

*Some felt this was the star. Interesting concepts and the crunch of the brussel sprouts work very well with the cauliflower to give some texture. The chilli jam is more of a sweetish slightly spicy chutney really.*

 Grilled calamri, pickled green chilli salsa, Vietnamese mint 128HKD
*Okay only and doesn't really justify the asking price.
A grilled squid with simple combination of toppings really.*

Fed 5
Overall verdict, nice photo ops and its not really a place for everyday eats due its price point. It more of a trendy date night/celebratory meal place to enjoy. Ho Lee Fook serves up unique takes on traditional often traditional eats. Phone bookings are recommended and the place was packed an hour after doors open with largely the expatriate community.
Came recommended by others for something different from the usual Dim Sum. Located a stone's throw away from Sheung Wan E5 exit, Yam Cha is located on the 2nd floor over looking Des Voux Rd Central. 
Ordered On:
Lunch Set for 4ppl at HKD818
Starter Selection

Shrimp Rolls
*Pretty normal*Peppered Eggplant
1000yr duck egg and silken tofu
 *Very simple and an idea of something that can be done at home with sesame seed sauce and sesame oil. Refreshing and pretty okay. The name sounds more impressive than the dish actually.*
Dim Sum and Double Boiled Soup

*Dim Sum fairly standard but the double boiled soup in coconut was a lovely twist. Light hints of coconut flavors cooked into the chicken soup. Fantastic!*Sweet and Sour Pork
*A good standard sweet and sour pork which maybe a little heavy on the corn starch. What was really nice was the sweet fresh pineapple served along side.*Sticky Honey Balsamic Wing
*One of the highlight dishes which won everyone's hearts. Something like sweet Korean fried chicken and again the fresh pineapple is a huge welcomed addition.*
 Squid Ink Egg white seafood fried rice

*A unique take on fried rice and the squid ink flavor really shown through. Interesting good*
Add On
A la Carte:
Hot Custard Molten Buns
Instagram recreate fail
*Okay bun, but its more custard than salt egg custard bun. The best so far still going to Fu Shing Shark Fin Restaurant.*Green Tea Custard Molten Buns*Don't even bother ordering. The custard is very watery and not at all worth.*Baked Pineapple Puff

*Very Instagram worthy, but the size in incredibly small. Its very similar to the square pineapple tarts sold in Taiwan.*
 Lobster, Shrimp and Egg white Cup
*A lobster like bisque that served to
Minced Duck Lettuce Rice
*An okay only dish. Their sauce is a little too salty.*
Paid 266HKD Each Fed5

Another unique eating joint that came recommended by others. I suppose the lunch meal set is probably the most worth while and with additional taxes set you back at about 220HKD. 

Yam Cha serves unique eats with some stand outs and beautiful presentation. The two girls preferred this over Ho Lee Fook reviewed above and vice versa for the guys. Different ambiance and eats so there's no direct comparison. Probably for more budget friendly and unique take on Dim Sumwould be over at Dim Dim Sum at about 100HKD per head. However the selection here is more unique and not solely focusing on Dim Sum Dishes.

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