Thursday, June 11, 2015

Taipei - To Do ABBA Contribution by Jeremy Lee 10June2015 (Electronic Shopping at Guang Hua Digital Plaza & Syntrend Taipei)

Taipei - To Stay
Taipei - To Do

Taipei - To Eat
Taipei - To Buy
Taipei - To Do
 *ABBA contribution by Jeremy Lee*
Taipei's equivalent of our Sim Lim Square
Guang Hua Digital Plaza
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Good deals for SD cards and other stuff. Prices of SD cards can vary by 200 to 300NT for say something like a 64G Transcend Class 10 UHC 1 card. So be patient and walk around and ask.
Colour printer ink goes for NT100 per refill bottle of normal size which is sold for about S$10 in Singapore.
Syntrend Taipei
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Recently opened in mid May 2015. This place showcases the cutting edge in consumer electronics.
Several floors to enjoy with Gundam Taiwan Base 01 within the building for Gundam fans. (Another place for a live size Gundam is found in Tokyo. Click here to find out more!)
Several top notch online gaming cafes and lots more. Located conveniently next to Guang  Hua Digital Plaza.
Its like Funan Centre and Sim Lim Square located sided by side. 

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