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Moscow - To Eat ABBA Contribution (11June2015 by Ghim Chuan Cafe Pushkin)

Moscow - To Stay
Moscow - To Do
Moscow - To Eat

Moscow - To Eat
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*ABBA Contribution by Ghim Chuan 11June2015*
Cafe Pushkin
 (Ghim Chuan's Best dining experience in Moscow)

Click here for ABBA Location of Cafe Pushkin, Café Pushkin, Tverskoy bulvar, 26А, Moscow, Russia 
ABBA Contribution by Jasmine Yii
FIRST COURSE 2) Beetroot salad (lunch set menu)

Feedback- ok to so-so. A salad mah

Salmon & pancake (lunch set menu) 

Feedback- good.
Herring with warm potatoes (lunch set menu)

 Feedback- expect saltiness since it's pickled herring but ok.SECOND COURSE 3) chicken noodle soup (lunch set menu)

Feedback- ok but slightly salty.
SECOND COURSE 2) consommé with dumplings (lunch set menu
Feedback- good but slightly salty.
Dumplings is Russian styled with 3 meats combined together (pork, beef & lamb)

MAIN COURSE 4) beef stroganoff with mushrooms, onions & mashed potatoes (lunch set menu) 

Feedback- good though entirely different style to the beef stroganoff from A la carte. (Photo in comment section)
MAIN COURSE 3) Veal rissole "Pojarski" (lunch set menu) 

Feedback- good.
MAIN COURSE 2) Duck leg confit (lunch set menu)

 Feedback- good & duck leg is very tender
MAIN COURSE 1) pike stuffed with fish & apple confit (lunch set menu) 

Feedback- excellent .
Pike is very finely chopped. More similar to a mousse style.
Taste is heavenly!!! unlike any fish dishes I had ever tasted before. (Wouldn't have guess it's fish with the way they do the seasoning)
Strongly recommended!!! ❤️

ABBA contribution by Ghim Chuan
 Well-deserved rave reviews from tripadvisor. From the first moment you see the restaurant from outside till you step food out of the restaurant has been nothing short of excellent. Restaurant’s name is Cafe Pushkin. Located in Pushkin square.
One has to leave his or her jacket at the basement and receive a delicate token in exchange. Food is great but at a cost. You get what u pay for. In addition, the waiters are more than happy to show you around the 3 story restaurant with more than 40yrs of history. No tips expected from the in-house tour, but a small amount would be nice. Definitely worth a trip to have a good dining experience.
Click here for ABBA Location of Cafe Pushkin, Café Pushkin, Tverskoy bulvar, 26А, Moscow, Russia

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