Friday, June 5, 2015

San Francisco - To Eat 31May2015 (King Of Thai Noodle House, Dojima Ann, Guardino's)

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King Of Thai Noodle House
(Open till late and on Public Holidays Too! )

270m from Parc55 Hotel
*Warning Crew have had their handphones/bags stolen here before.

10% Discount for Crew! Bring your pass.
if you feel like bringing a couple of beers or wine, there will be no corkage fee. Enjoy.

Ordered On:

Pad Thai USD9.70

Huge portions of noodles and rice. Appropriately so with a title, such as King Of Thai Noodles! The raw bean sprouts served along side was very refreshing and the noodles weren't cooked overly sweet. 
Tri-meat soup stalk was off a good standard and flavorful.

Another joint that's open till late, and according to Hussain, one of the few places open on Christmas Day!
Overall, a decent Thai standard of cooking and where one will probably get more bang. Taste and perhaps portion wise would be a toss up with here and Bangkok.

Dojima Ann
(located 200m away from Parc55 Hotel)

A decent sized Japanese joint run by Japanese. An ABBA recommended joint by Royston. Dojima Ann is his go to joint for Japanese comfort food at its best. Locatedright next to Johnny Folleys, home of the dueling Piano guys, to me, the best hangout place and 'show' to go to for wholesome fun!

Ordered on: 

Unagi Don USD12.95

*A Huge portion of fresh, fatty Eel served atop fragrant Japanese rice. I've never had the pleasure of eating fresh eel before, but the difference in flavor and texture of fresh versus frozen eels is undeniable. A must order and now my personal go to joint too (though for Eel, some day that this place may NaritaVillage's world famous Unagi joint Kawatoyo!
In my opinion having tried both. The eels here are much fattier but the sauce its in a little too sweet and salty. Narita Village's Kawatoyo is undeniably fresh but  the sauce lacks luster. 


(Fisherman's Wharf)

There was no prior research into where's the best place for lobster roll along this stretch. Guardino's patronage was based purely by referral by another Restaurant along the same row.

There are many options for lobster rolls along the same stretch, with price varying from as low as USD13 to USD19.95.

Ordered on:

Lobster Roll USD19.95

Just comparing visually to the cheaper lobster rolls, you do get more meat (claws) with this purchase. Quite refreshing with the lemon squeeze and not overly heavy with the mayo. The downside perhaps would be the bread roll served cold. They do heat it up for you, but we're talking microwave technology. Not too bad a roll, but of course it will lose out in flavor to London's Burger & Lobster's Lobster Roll.

As a rough price guide, Dungenous crabs go for about USD30-40 whilst the lobster whole about USD30.

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