Friday, June 19, 2015

Auckland - To Eat 16June2015 (Federal Delicatessen, Mantingfang)

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Federal Delicatessen
(300m walk from Heritage Hotel. Located opposite sky city casino)

Open till late:

Sun to Wed night, kitchen last orders are at about 11pm. and Thur to Sat, kitchen last order is at 1am.
Click here for ABBA location of Federal Delicatessen,located at 86 Federal Street located right beside Auckland Skytower/Sky CityCasino.
Ordered On:


Yodi Bagel - House pastrami, Swiss, habanero mustard and pickle. NZD13.50
The Best Ugly - Salmon lox, cream cheese, dill, capers and red onion NZD14
Clam Cioppino - Cloudy Bay clams with tomato , Pernod and crayfish brothNZD26
Three pies for NZD18
NY cheese Cake
*A cheese cake that's done really well. Heavy cheese cake and absolutely delicious*
Banana & Toffee Pie w/caramel popcorn
*So unique and good. The banana pairs well with the toffee and the Carmel popcorns added a fantastic texture and dimension to the dish*
Lemon Meringue Pie mom's recipe
*Not overly sour and a great balance of flavors. The most refreshing of the lot.*
Total NZD71.50 Fed 3

The bagel sandwiches were pretty alright. Simple and can be reproduced at home. A little on the pricy side. The seafood clam soup, though delicious, but again on the pricey side.

However, the really, really, value-for-money and absolutely delicious, must return for, are the pies! So good that we almost returned for a second visit on the next day. A must try, with everyone having their favorites. We opted out of the pumpkin pie on the first visit, but the standard of the pies were up there that we were saying if on the second visit we were going to give the pumpkin pie a try! For your sweet  tooth fix!

Yam Cha All Day 11am-9.30pm

Ordered On:

Ordered On:


Carrot Cake

Good pan fry on the exterior and pairs well with chili oil.
Beef Tendons
Custard Bun
Nice creamy interior and more of a sweet than a savory. 
Pork Bun
Pork Porridge
A little more watered down to my liking.
Fried Cuttle Fish
Very nice crisp, with a thin batter exterior.
Durian Puff Dessert
Very thin and light exterior. More cream than durian bits.
Fed3 Total NZD37

Respectable Dim Sum joint, even by Hong Kong standards. Good value with some stand out dishes and dessert.

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