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Germany, Munich - To Do (02July2013BMW museum, Tollewood park, Olympic Stadium, Munich Town Hall)

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Olympic stadium/Tollwood Park & BMW Museum Tour (Olympuazentrum train station)
<Approximately 20mins away from door to door>

Olympic Stadium

Soak in the architectural curves of twisted metal & glass. Apart from that, hope for events that maybe on going at the stadium or around the area.

We were fortunate, that on our day of arrival the stadium was playing host to the Munich X games and soak in the carnival like atmosphere. Tickets however were going €30-€60 depending on the sporting event. There is little to no chance of getting a free viewing. 
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This space may play host to various festivals and events which are held periodically in Munich. A quick check with the concierge can shed better light to the latest happenings.
For the day's happenings, the place was filled with all forms of delectable treats, both sweet and savory as well as an array of miscellaneous items.

Food options ranged from large sized brochettes, hot curry-wurst, hot waffles, Singapore Crepes(cinnamon, butter and sugar)?, smoked fish, fresh pizzas and a wide selection to suit all pallets . 

One could also spend the time looking through the many thingamajigs, novelty items like beer candles, special tea blends, Moroccan products and many many more. An enjoyable venue to while the day away.
Click here for ABBA location of Tollwood Park (1.6km from
Olympuazentrum train station)

BMW Experience Showroom/Museum/Factory 
The 'birth place' of the many BMWs, which are burning rubber all over the world. Located directly in front of Olympuazentrum train station, stands the BMW show room and the BMW museum across the road from it.

BMW Showroom(located at exit of Olympuazentrum train station)
Be entranced by the latest, luxury, to ultra luxury cars, ranging from the, fun minis, to brilliant Beamers to the royal like Rolls Royce. Have a look at the BMW concept cars, of which, one was featured in Mission Impossible 4.

Entry to the show room is free, and periodic performances from stunt riding to ad-hoc dances, liven the entire in an instance. Shouldn't all car show rooms be like that.

See a BMW car you wish you could drive? Car rentals are available either pre-booked online or obtained from here directly. An hour, depending on car type (e.g. BMW Z4) would go for approximately €45/hr and booking for 3hrs (€135) would grant you an entire day's rental.

ABBA Details:

- Rentals include insurance coverage, 400+km free mileage, as well as GPS.

BMW Museum
(aprox 650m from
Olympuazentrum train station)
The BMW museum is located across the road from the BMW showroom.A definite must go for beamer lovers, the young and old and all motor heads. All plaques have English explanations and one get to see the old classics, its evolutionary design changes and various achievements of BMW.Exhibits are uniquely represented and are very well done I must add. Each room a masterpiece in itself and shows off the cars and models brilliantly.Although it is primarily a BMW showroom, the Rolls exhibits on the upper two levels took the cake for me. With its timeless designs and almost near tank-like build were impressive. it's just something about the Spirit Of Ecstasy, crowning the iconic grills of the Rolls that has last through the times.

BMW Museum Entry:
€8 for group of 5 or €6 concession
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BMW Factory Tour
(*not yet reviewed)

The BMW factory tour needs prior booking. This can be done with the hotel concierge at least a month in advance. 
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Munich Town Hall
(Nearest stop M√ľnchen Marienplatz)(*not fully reviewed)
*txt from Wikipedia plus*The first floor hosts a big balcony towards the Marienplatz which is used for large festivals such as football championships or for concerts during the Weihnachtsmarkt. Its main tower has a height of 85 m and is available for visitors with an elevator. On the top thrones the M√ľnchner Kindl. The Rathaus-Glockenspie performed by an apparatus daily at 11am 12pm and 5pm is a tourist attraction. *txt from Wikipedia plus* 
Click here for ABBA location of Munich Town Center


There are many, single day tours which can be arranged with the hotel directly (like: Die Konigsschlosser; The Royal Castles tour, with pick-up and drop off at crew hotel). All details, pricing are available in easy to read brochures found at the hotel.
Here are some of the popular one taken from the hotel. 
Sound of Music Tour
 Neuschwanstein & Linderhof (Inspiration behind disney castles)

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