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China - Beijing, To Do (Zhong Guan Cun Technology Hub, Sanlitun/Yashow Market, Silk Steet Market/XiuShuiJie,Tian An Men,Olympic Stadium)

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Zhong Guan Cun Technology Hub in Beijing
<Explored Ding Hao Market>
- 15-20min at about 25RMB per trip to and tech village from the Crowne Plaza.
Visit any of the big five prominent IT and electronic markets, namely, Hailong Market, Guigu Market, Taipingyang Market, Dinghao Market and Kemao Market. Known mostly for their shops within a shop, as well as needing to bargain down prices, it's an electronic haven for all techies and consumers. (Nearest MRT;ZhongGuanCun Line 4, 50m away) Click here for ABBA Location of Zhong Guan Cun
- Buyer beware! Always test equipment. You may need to know a local to make more expensive purchases to ensure quality and product. There have been cases of 120gig thumb drive, tested at store, only to install program on PC to indicate 120gig. This later resulted in buyers have a corrupted operating system at home.
...continued...Ding Hao Market 
First few floors are largely mainstream brands, selling cameras, phones, laptops and so forth. However, it is the basement and upper floors, which sell novelty electronic products.

These range from surveillance equipment, random electronic connectors, phone accessories, and even commercials goods such as, bar-code scanners and even money counters. A wide variety and stores to find  various products.
A rough price guide at Ding Hao Market
Toshiba Hard Disc 1TB: 500RMB
4GB Novelty thumb drive: 40RMB
Video Camera for cars: 250RMB and up
Laptop bag 15/17" Bag: 60RMB (bargained from 86RMB)
Spy Pen Camera: 80RMB
Razor Mouse, probable replica: 160RMB
Third Party IPad connection for HDMI output 160RMB
Click here for ABBA location of Ding Hao Market

"Sanlitun Village/Yashow Market"
Getting there: (From Crowne Plaza Park View WuZhou Beijing) Located near "Dong Si Shi Tiao" Train station or via Taxi, 30mins under peak hour traffic at 33RMB from crew hotel. 

A tripartite of shopping galore. The 'shopping' village is divided into two massive shopping districts, North and South, each with multistoried, middle to high class shopping. Be in awe at the famed Apple Shop, architectural designs and the mega-sized brand stores.
Street foods, high quality pirated DVDs from 6-30RMB a piece, rap bars, drinking bistro line this short street. Definately worth checking out, and for the brave to try street foods. (A-la-carte steam boat, open grills of duck/chicken, chinese prata burgers and many more)

Silk Street Market/XiuShuiJie
From Crew hotel, walk about 1km to
HuiXinJie Bei Kou Stn.
Change at Dong Dan Stn.
Get off at Yong An L Stn.

Subway service stops right in front of the shopping center.

From Crew hotel to location
*Walk + train about 1hour journey. 2RMB
*Taxi pending traffic about 30min 50RMB
Open from 9.30am-9.00pm, this is a multi-storied shopper's haven or a bargain hunter's hell. Knock-off branded clothes, bags, toys, trinkets, suits and much much more. Know your prices and always bargain for the right price.
ABBA Tip:By how much to bargain down? On others account; a Gucci Leather Bag opening quote, 880RMB, and was purchased at 80RMB. You be the judge.
- *for short distance of about 3km from Silkstreet to Tian An Men, cabbies wanted to charge 30-40RMB DO NOT BE SCAMMED!*
Click here for ABBA location

Tian An Men
A national monument known to all. Photographers take note, lights at Tian An Men go off by about 10pm. ABBA Tip: A trip from Tian An Men/Silk Road to Crew Hotel; 35min drive costs 50RMB (taken at night).
Beijing Olympic Ground - Bird's Nest

 *photos above taken 05Dec2014.*
Admission into the grounds itself is free, however to the Bird's Nest (Stadium) there is a small entry fee. Various displays and artifacts line the stadium. Defiantly hike to the very top of the stadium to get a sense of space of the place which plays host to the 080808 Beijing Olympics. 
In between Dong Dan and Yan An Li station (Silkroad Shopping Centre) are located embassies from all over and around the area are international bistros of Spanish, Italian, diners. Be in awe at the grandeur and architectural beauty of the grounds.
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