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Africa - Johannesburg, To Eat (Fresh Restairant, Butcher Block, Piza E Vino, Butcher Shop, Trumps Grill)

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To Eat
in Rosebank Crowne Plaza Hotel

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Fresh Restaurant
The omelet station really is the star, but other than that, at R80 (discounted), convenience and all you can eat buffet there's nothing really to rave about.

Pictured Covers approx 70% of the variety. Pictured are the omelet, mushrooms, sausages, bacon, cheeses, jams and juices. Not pictured are smoothies, some fruits, cereals and pastries.

A better breakfast location with better tasting dishes, atmosphere and for less would be, Tashas at Rosebank mall. Click here for ABBA Detials.


*Review & pictures from Denison Tan*
In the age of Internet and Facebook, Johannesburg is supposed to be one of the few stations where crew hang out together. The hotel tries to make the most of it with a Braai (South African BBQ) offer for crew. Depending on the weather, it can either be held in the Zen Garden or the Fresh Café.
For R112 (after discount it comes to R72.8 – S$10) you get:  
Pair the meal with a good bottle of red from Pick-and-Pay and the evening is complete. The steak was juicy, but just a tad on the wrong side of medium. This and the Beef Boerewors (a type of sausage) were a bit too salted for us to fully enjoy. An option is to ask for the marinade on the side as a sauce instead. Still, it is rare opportunity to get a whole set of crew at one table to swap war stories, making it worth the price. 

Butcher Block

 *An updated (06June2014) Friday dine in package. Costing more with the added allure of chicken drumlets. A nett price with only serving of meat. Crew have fed back that its absolutely not worth the money or the quality of food.*
BUTCHER BLOCK - Located in the ground floor of the hotel, it is a carnivore's paradise. Crew get a 20% discount dining there. One struggles to remember what we had the last time, but there was definitely no cause for complaint!

Tried the R99 all you can eat ribs offer pictured on top.Its just the ribs with no starch or sides. Order as much as you want. For best taste, order a rib at a time. When fresh off the grill, the caramelization of sweet mix with unique spice rub blends are fantastic. BBQ meat, peels clean of the bone to much delight.
*Sides or extra orders do come with crew discount but not the ribs
8 racks of ribs total.*Its a buffet. Order as much as you want
Black mushroom done gratan style
native only to south Africa, these huge mushroom, resemble closely to portablelo mushrooms*
- Review, taste like a really big portebalo mushroom.
R250+ with tip. Fed2

To EAT at
"Sandton/Mandala Square"
Butcher Shop
Touted to be the best steaks to be found in Nelson Mandela Square. Serves comes with complimentary appetizers of sweet bread and beef sausages, which maybe purchased at their adjoining butcher shop. Review of price list and shop can be seen above.


Snails in garlic R64

*Garlic flavor not that strong. Nothing really to scream about.*

T-Bone R155
Can be had two ways. Either wet-dipped in their house BBQ sauce
or Dry, a mustard salt and peppercorn mix.

*A great cut of beef, however I do feel that they are very light on their sprinkling of spices.
Needed the assistance of fresh cracked salt and pepper table side. Your taste preference may differ.*
Fed1: Aprox R217 with discount

ABBATIP: Aircrew get a discount of 10% at location.

Trumps Grill

Click here for ABBA location of Trumps Grill
Found at Mandela Square, trumps grill is one of the many steak houses. It is located diagonally opposite The Butcher Shop
which serves blood sausages as appetizers which is another joint crew frequents.
Ordered at Trumps Grill *pictured right*
Karan Beef Rib Eye 400g R169.90
Serves with choice of rice/fries/potatoes and a serving of pumpkin and cream spinach which were a nice compliment. The cured meat had good char grill marks, with a smokey hint. *Be aware that meat here are grilled with minimal seasoning, which is to allow for one to really taste the cured meat and may not suit your pallet. No frills.*

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