Wednesday, July 10, 2013

China - Beijing, To Eat (Churrascos at V continent Hotel)

Beijing - To Do
Beijing - To Eat
Beijing - To Eat
(at V-continent Beijing)

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*the menu*

A nice dinner setting with staff dressed in bright colors, osoboku napkin holders, table-side trio selection of chimichurris and Brazilian samba music playing in the background fills this dining space. Wait staff with freshly broiled meats come table side to slice up choice cuts of different meats. A painted stone, available table side, with green (Yes i want more meat served) and red, (I've had enough.)
Dined on 15July2014
Having another meal, after over a year at Churrascos. Top choices for re-orders this time round were definitely the Beef short ribs, braised lamb (which was incredibly tender like slow stewed pork), chicken hearts and juicy beef rump. Just look at the pink colouration seen above! Done absolutely to perfection as pictured. Along with the 30% crew discount, pricing can't be beat. RMB155 after discount for an evening dinner.
Some of the meat maybe a little gamey, and depending on cuts, a little dry. Furthermore as the crowd builds up, quality and consistency in roast vary slightly. However its still a great place to go for some good eats at attractive pricing.

Dined on 10Jul2013 
Side dishes available
Medley of roasted mushroom, sweet carrots and zucchinis, roasted potatoes
*The roasted veggies and fat mushrooms were fantastic and really helped cut through the heavy meats then soon follow suit.*
Mix of cold, cooked and marinated capsicums, mushrooms and pseudo salads with the usual rice and beans typical with churrascaria meals.
Meats Served:
Pork ribs
*According to fellow guest, it was the one of the best beefs he's had since his working stint in Beijing. 
Got standard, and thumb up approval*
*Has a very gamey flavor which may not suit some individuals.*
Beef/Chicken wrapped in pork belly 
*Flavorful and well spiced, but the meat seems overly processed, resulting in a powdery sort of texture.* 
Chicken Wings
Marinated Chicken
Cow Tongue 
*When in China. A strange, rough textural experience and a cross between processed ham and beef cheeks.* 
Spice Rubbed, Roasted Pineapple 
*A personal favorite to cap off the meal and a great pallet cleanser.
Roasted perfectly and the heat enhances the pineapple's natural sweetness.

Initial service was a little disappointing. On first clarification was an order for white Erdinger beer, but a dark was served instead. Despite the miscommunication of sorts, staff were unwilling to change the order and passively insisted us be charged for the two open bottles.

Secondly, it may have been because of a junior staff tending to us, but beers were poured at height into a tall glass, resulting in all head and little to no body. A blasphemy in the world of beer drinking.

However attempts at service recovery was made with two, complimentary, white Erdinger beers served.

Overall, food was good. By comparison to Singapore's Churrascarias, it stands between 6thAvenue's and maybe an edge or at par with Carnivore. Get ready to work up a meat sweat.
198RMB++ for meat only Buffett
298RMB++ for seafood and meat Buffett 
Subject to additional 15%service tax
Crew receive a 30% discount when charged to the room.

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