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China - Beijing, To Eat (Cafe Asia, Yu Gong Yu Po Seafood Restaurant, Jade Hotpot, North Star Foodcourt, Guolin Restaurant, Slim Taste, Best Sichuan Home Dishes and Special Snacks."

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(at Crowne Plaza Beijing)
Cafe Asia
Cafe Asia
RMB180 nett. Discount for crew.
Serves a spread of international dishes. There are lots of stations, with food orders which are only upon request; Like cooked vegetables, dumplings, noodles stations and more. Keep an eye out for them. Every time someone came back with something new, others would inquire where they got it from.
 *Shashimi station*
 Revisited 13Feb2016
Special Mentions:
- BBQ Station.

Be quick to get your pick. Fish, prawns and beef go lightning quick.
Fish broiled well, with a crispy skin layer, great omega3 fatty distribution, keeping it succulent.
Beef tenderloin has excellent grill marks and tender.
Lamb has an excellent dry rub. May not be for those who don't like the overly gamy taste of lamb. 
- The antipasti station, with olive oil drizzled asparagus and mushrooms. Also the star is Parma ham on a meat slicer. Have your fill of salty, cured goodness.

Yu Gong Yu Po Seafood Restaurant
Located along Hui Zhong road, Yu Gong Yu Po Seafood Restaurant is a nice sit down and order location. It has an amalgam of live, fish, crabs, shellfishes, vegetables and meat dishes to choose from. Each of which maybe prepared in a variety of ways. 
What was ordered
*pictured from L to R top to Btm 
- Giant Cockle stir fry with Celery
- Spicy Mongolian stir-fry lamb with parsley- Three Egg Red Spinach in soup broth
- Flash Broiled Oysters in garlic, 
onions and chives *The best of the shellfish dishes tried.*
- Clams with mustard cabbage and dried chili
- Half-shelled scallops served done two ways, 
served on Tang Hun (Clear bean noodles)
*served in black bean and other in garlic and soy*
3 Bowls Rice + Chrysanthemum Tea.
Fed 3
Total Aprox RMB500
Located approximate 800m from the Hotel.
Click here for ABBA location of Yu Gong Yu Po Seafood Restaurant
Through their large pane windows, you can undoubtedly see the "aquarium" which holds all the seafood.
- The early bird catches the worm. In this case, the better selection of seafood.
- Shellfish are relatively cheap at RMB18 each. Crabs and Fishes are much pricier and can go to prices RMB1000 and beyond.

"Jade Hotpot"

Crowne Plaza Staff have recommended the Jade Hotpot, located opposite of the empty field. Though a tad shabby looking from the outside, the inside of this place is classy and elegant. However food is pricy, with any meat dish going anywhere from 50RMB-500RMB. A meal would go for on average 200RMB. I have yet to try this location.

"North Star Foodcourt" 
Found in the basement food court adjacent to and in North Star shopping center on the top floor. Prices are reasonable and serve good simple eats. Approximately at RMB100 fed 2.
Located beside the hotel, in North Star Shopping Center, is a food court selling cheap and good food. Payment is done with a tap stored value card, which is refunded back to you upon return.

Also located within the building are familiar brands, "Ajisan Ramen" and a "Starbucks".
 "Ajisan Brand name only, not the same food. Standards a far cry. Starbucks, Ok!*

Click here for ABBA location 北京市朝阳区北辰东路8号 China 010-84985734

"Guolin Restaurant"
Located behind the hotel, after crossing An Li Lu, a 400m walk would get you to "Guolin home cooked restaurant". No pictures unfortunately this time round, but an order of:
What was ordered
- Half Peking duck
- Brinjal with minced pork
*one of the better brinjal dishes I've had*
- Long beans with dried chilli and mala
- Slow Stewed Pork Belly and Cabbage with clear noodles
- Chrysanthemum tea
Fed 3
Total 165

Slim Taste
Located in Sanlitun, 3rd Floor in North Village beside Adidas adjoining village, "Slim Taste" offers delectable rice dishes, fragrantly steamed. Food plays the backstage, supporting-crew to a dinner get-together. 
- Purple Fried Rice
*I think its healthy but its fried*
- Kai Lan
*Sauce for Kai Lan a little on the salty side. Add with discretion*
- Steamed lotus rice garlic and prawn
*very nice fragrant dish.*
- Honey Pork
*good flavour and camaralizing, but think that the
meat is either really tender pork or minced finely*

- Honey Green Tea
*for 2pax
Total 114RMB
Verdict 6/10
Click here for ABBAdetails on Slim Taste 

Best Sichuan home dishes and special snacks
With a name as confident as that, they better match up with the food. Boy did they ever! Located just beside Silk-street shopping center.
- 1.25l bottle of coke.
- Braised pork short rib with corn
*Tender pork, beautifully braised. Chewy textured corn.*
- Sweet and sour deep-fried, fresh water fish
*elegantly presented, fantastically fried, all deboned. excellent dish to have*
- Sweet Corn and pine nuts
*sweet, refreshing, healthy, a definite re-order.*
- Mah Po To Fu
*amazing flavor with a hint of ma-la that gives that extra dimension that makes it great!*
Served x2 Pax to the brim.
Total: 170RMB
Verdict 7/10

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