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Philippines - Manila, To Eat (Wingman, Dampa Macapagal)

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Highly revered amongst the locals as having the best chicken wings in town and other accolades, as being one of the must eats while in Manila and in seen in many other websites as well, we had to give this place a try.
A dozen pieces with option of having it done two ways: PHP330
- Buffalo Classic, option of Medium, Hot, Apocalyptic, Pinaka.

*Ordered Hot. Hot was not as spicy as expected. It left no residual heat in the mouth nor did it burn the lips. If I could have a spicy index, perhaps HOT here is to; even less heat off a sweet chilli packet over a Mc Donald's counter.
You can try Apocalyptic or even Pinaka(maximum spice)*

- Garlic Parmesan

*Creamy, buttery and garlic goodness, the second most popular choice on the menu. Definitely enjoyable, and more crispy.
Other flavors on their menu; Honey Garlic, Lemon Pepper, Teriyaki, Morrocan Chermoula, Hickory BBQ, Prairie Fire, Honey Mustard, Asian Invasion, Szechuan Peanut, Mango BBQ & Jamaican Jerk.

Pulled Pork Burger PHP260

* Really nice, hickory smoked BBQ sauce with the tender, sweet pulled pork. It was unfortunate that burger bun wasn't lightly toasted, nor the meat hot. Essentially a toss up between a cold cut and a hot panini Sandwich. The great flavors are all there but could be served better.*

Fried Sneakers Bar PHP220

* Sinfully amazing. Everyone loves sneakers, but even more if you fry it in a heavy, sweet cake batter with a dollop of ice-cream. Sweet cream nuttiness, with the fried sweet cake, offset by the cooling creaminess from ice-cream. Extreme decadence, to be shared by the many.*

Fed 2 PHP810
Overall good wings, with a variety of home made flavorings, sauces and spices. The place was packed just after opening time and you can see a lot of patrons having bags of chicken wings packed to go. Speaks credibility of sorts from the locals. 

Opening hours:
M: 5:00PM - 12:00MN
T, W, Th, Su: 12:00PM - 12:00MN
F, Sa: 12:00PM - 2:00AM

Delivery options:
It would seem prices of delivery vary, as delivery duties are outsourced to free agents. There doesn't seem to be a minimum order, but one seems to be subjected to the additional delivery charges stipulated by the delivery man. Workers say they don't know the cost but speculate its 5% of the order.
ABBA plus points
- Wi-Fi available
- Disposable Plastic gloves available to eat with hands but without the mess.
- Delivery is available.

Dampa Macapagal

This entire area is called Dampa and is the place for seafood in more ways than one. It is home to a line of markets, with a lively array of fresh seafood, as well as various restaurants. The way food is ordered here is a little unique and different.

A noisy, bustling place, with seafood lining either side of the street. The place accepts cash only, but they also have on-hand a 24hr money changer. May not be the place for homophobic individuals.
Click here for ABBA location of Dampa - Macapagal
The ordering system:
*Similar at the other restaurants*  
Option 1:  
Purchase your own seafood from the stalls and have the restaurants cook for you in the various styles listed on the menu. You are charged by the weight categories and type of seafood for the various styles available.
- You can select the freshest seafoods, if one posses the know how and haggle for the best price.
- Haggling for a cheaper price maybe tiring.
- If seafood un-fresh, restaurant will not be held responsible.

Option 2: 
Ordering at the restaurants, who will select from the seafood market on your behalf and cook for you in your chosen style. 

- Seafood selection process is done for you.
- Quality and freshness is assured.
- Quotation of meal is given prior to cooking. 

- You don't really know their seafood selection. I.e type of fish, crab, etc.
- Would be slightly more expensive.

ABBA Recommendations to order:
- Fried Tuna Jaw.
Can be quite large and they usually sell in halves.
- Squid Adobo (black gravy sauce, squid done the local way)
- She-crabs (supposedly named Tiny crabs which are full of roe)
- Get a suckling pig from Lydia and bring along to be had at restaurant for no additional charge. *Suggested by fellow crew*
Click here for ABBA details of Lydia Lechon
Click here for ABBA location of Lydia Lechon, 551 Service Road, Roxas Blvd. Baclaran, ParaƱaque Metro Manila, Philippines

Ordered On: 13April2016
ABBA Contribution by Kelvin Seet
"Just did a Manila nightspot and with Sherwin 's recommendations, went to Dampa together, bought S$90 worth of seafood and ate at Royal Kitchen Restaurant.

We bought a medium crab, 1+ kg of small bamboo clams, a large packet of prawns, a humongous sea mantis the size of a 1.5L bottle and a big Garoupa (lapu lapu) the size of my forearm. The seafood prices are bargainable! Try to slash 30%. 

Cooking fees with one large coconut each and a big bottle of Pepsi™ was about S$50. And it was a truly overfilling meal!

A must when you are in Manila!" - K.S

Ate at:
Sisrose Seafood 
(previously known at Welldone Seafood)

Steamed fish with oyster sauce
*The star dish for the dinner. Freshly steamed grouper, with their semi-sweet oyster sauce served by the side was excellent. The grouper did not have the strong fishy smell, often associated with seafood that had been around for a while.*

Fried Calamari

*Batter was light and squid fresh*

Fried Chicken
*A little burnt I felt but a simple dish*

Asparagus and broccoli

Fed 2: Total PHP1530

Other places one could try

Claire de la Funte
(Most Popular with the locals. Located at the entrance as seen from entrance pic above.)

Hongkong Cafe Master Cook
(The most crowded we saw for the night)

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