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Italy - Milan, To Eat (La Piccola Napoli, Ristorante Bilacus, La Locanda)

Milan - To Stay
Milan - To Do
Milan - To Eat
Milan - To Buy
Milan - To Eat
*Free Wifi Available. Ask Staff for password*

Artichoke, Olive, ham pizza (Pic L)
*Good if you like the stronger flavors fromartichokes*

Margherita pizza (Pic C)
Sea food pizza (Pic R)

*Never seen a seafood pizza done with shell fish in such a manner before. Aesthetically pleasing but not big on flavor.*

Calzone (Pic L) 
*A folded pizza of sorts tasting very similar to the margherita*
12 half lobster pasta (Pic C)
*Second batch of lobster pasta came late due to miscommunication seemed rush.
Noodles were undercooked. Lobster was cooked perfectly, fresh, succulent and juicy.*
Baked Seabass 
*A strong fishy taste to it. Skin was bland and lacked seasoning.*
Lamb served on vegetables (not pictured)

*Char on lamb tasted more of burnt than caramelization.*

1 Salmon pasta (not pictured)

Fed 14 €26 each

 Some hits and some misses, but close proximity to hotel may tip the scales.

Grom IL Gelato Come Una Volta

(Gelato Ice Cream)

Ordered whatever the house recommended:

Maybe good ice-cream melts relatively fast, but the ice-cream was so good that it had little chance of getting that far. Creamy, and bold, strong flavors. Definitely worth a try. Minimum double scoop order at €2.50. Click here for ABBA details of Grom Ice-cream

Ristorante Bilacus
(Located in Lake Como)

Situated beside the many walkways, Bilacus had an outstanding outdoor piazza, for diners to enjoy terrace dining. These were their specialities recommended.

Spaghetti Alle Vongole - Spaghetti with clams (Pic L) 12.00
*A very generous, large, heaving serve of super fresh clams. Excellent*
Pappardelle Alla Francescana -
Pasta with Bolgonese Sauce and Mushrooms (Pic C) 
*Mushrooms had a deep woody flavor to it and was well balanced against the meaty Bolognese sauce*
Penne All'Arrabbiata (Pic R) €9
*A simple aglio olio which was done well*

~Pictured below some of the other dishes ordered~
Click here for ABBA location of Ristorante Bilacus Located Salita Serbelloni 32, 22021 Bellagio Province of Como, Italy 

La Locanda
(Crew Joint)
*Free Wifi Available. Ask Staff for password*

 Complementary serve of tomato flat bread as well as lemon liquor shots with biscotti to end the meal.

Ordered On:
Lobster Spaghetti 16Euro

Its been a long 3 over years since I was last here, and in all likely hood it'll be my last with so many other options available. Although its all thumbs up in the picture but that was before checking out what was served.

Lobster serving was so scrappy as pictured and really a rip off. My other two comrades had decent sized ones and staff were quick to do a re-fire of the lobster.
 Fried Calamari
 *The batter nothing much to scream about, but the worst thing was that there was hair found in the batter of one of the squid rings. They did however strike this dish off the bill*

*The tiramisu is pretty good. Nice, creamy and not overly sweet.*
*Okay only. Nothing special*
Beer x3
Each approximately 25Euros with Tip

It'll probably be another be 3years to never for a personal return back to this place. The only possible draw would likely be for comrade purposes. The pasta and other dishes are okay only. The only thing that is good, or decent really are the freebies, like the made-to-order complimentary margaritas and their free flow of chili flake condiments as well as Parmesan cheese. The tiramisu is pretty good and beers are served nice and cold. Other than that, the freebies and bread alone fills you up and nothing really screams at you for a return.

The place still draws lots of locals, but its probably due to the large serving size that comes with. 

Ordered On: 
Breaded Veal

*lightly breaded and incredibly juicy and tasty.

However, meat was undercooked near the bone.*

Seafood risotto

*Nothing incredibly outstanding, or perhaps not having
the palette to recognize good risotto.*

Salmon Pasta

Clam Pasta

Side orders of:
Crispy Calamari*a Light golden crisp. incredibly tasteful and batter not oily.*
Mixed Salad

*does not come with dressing. Do your own with vinaigrette and olive oil on hand*
Boiled spinach

*apparently a European staple dish to have, with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice.

Incredibly simple, refreshing and delicious .*

Fed:7 €15 each.
For the Free WiFi, service and food, a place of good value.

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