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Perth - To Eat 28thSep2015 (Woo Jeong Korean and Japanese Cusine)

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 Perth - To Eat
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Woo Jeong Korean & Japanese Cuisine
(800m walk from Pan Pacific Hotel)

Woo Jeong Korean has a very small seating capacity (Like 30ppl tops?) and its located at the fringe of city shopping.  

Ordered On:


Korean appetizers:  

Some of the Korean appetizers are quite strange (broccoli with chili sauce?), but from the Kim Chi eaters, the Kim Chi one here is definitely to standard.

Doeji-Gookbab - Soup Cooked with sliced pork belly and tripe. AUD16

*The soup is a little light, and in fact could use more salt. Perhaps being more familiar to Singapore's intestine soup, heavy with Pepper and preserved vegetables, this feels like a watered down version. The soup does however have a large serving of ingredients, and is very filling for a single meal. Okay order.*

Jjampong - Spicy Udon noodle soup with seafood and vegetables AUD17

*The dish came recommended by the wait staff. Good spice level, but personally to me, it taste like instant noodles packed seasoning.*

Special Dosirak Box - Eel, jaeyook, bulgoki, Katsu AUD29

*A little over priced. The 20+++ Range would have been more reasonable. Eel was ok, probably defrosted from a pack. Beef and pork bulgoki was fairly standard. Katsu was dry and likely an old retry. Nothing to scream about, but definitely very filling with lots of meat.*

Bong Bong AUD2.50x3

*A local Koean drink. Caned Grape fruit juice. Not what we had expected. We were looking for the sweetish drink often served along side for Korean BBQs. A *

Fed3 Total 68AUD

This Korean joint is approximately a 15min walk from Pan Pacific Hotel, offering pretty decent Korean food. The patronage by Koreans, as well as it being a Korean run joint is probably the mark of authenticity. The Japanese offerings, in my case were a little disappointing and can be missed. 

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