Saturday, September 12, 2015

Melbourne - To Eat 10Sept2015 (Huxtaburger)

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(Chain 750m walk from Hyatt)

Like a scene out of Gotham City, this alley is home to burger chain, Huxtaburgers, a recommendation by local food blogger to come check out. The place is located nearer to Hotel Rendezvous (250m) as compared to Melbourne Hilton (750m)

Ordered on:

Bills - Huxtaburger with bacon, egg, pineapple and beetroot AUD13.50
Mountain Goat AUD8.50 (Felt that the beer was a bit pricy, however there's an offer of 2AUD beer with every burger order from 2-6pm.)
 Bun, sweet and soft, with a super crispy bacon strip, adding texture and enhanced flavor. A relatively small beef party, but it's got that awesome iron flat-top fry. Nice but a bit small. The add ons do seem a little pricy and perhaps masking the taste of the burger.

Would I return just for this? If I was in the mood for good burgers. I have yet to try their fries there thou. Comparing to other Aussie burgers, it's all in pretty good standing, but having just found out Grill'd (Perth's Gril'd chain review) is equidistant from Hilton, with shopping (click here for location), I'll be heading there for their comparable burgers, but definitely for my all time best fries! (Garlic Fries Category goesto Super Duper in San Francisco).

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