Sunday, April 19, 2015

Munich - To Do (14April2015Viktualienmarkt, Konigsplatz,Deutsches Museum,Globe Trotter Shop,Attempted run to the English Gardens)

Munich - To Stay
Munich - To Do
Munich - To Eat
Munich - To Buy
Munich - To Do
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Click here for ABBA location of Victuals Market, Viktualienmarkt 3, 80331 München,Germany
Viktualienmarkt is an open air market which starts operating relatively early in the morning. It has a wide range of goods from selling fresh produce, eats and all things seemingly local. A great atmosphere with lots to taste, see and buy.

*(L)Boutique shops selling garlic pesto, garlic flower peso in brine and cold press mustard which we bought*

*Easter eggs still being sold up to 2 weeks after Easter.*

*Skin Crackling looks good, but it was an epic fail.*

Worth a visit as well as getting some boutique/artisan spreads, oils and mustards.

Arrive about 10am onwards where most of the shops are open.
From 9am, shops are about starting to open and ready to receive patrons looking to get a fruit juice power boosts or a quick breakfast bite.


Click here for ABBA location to Königsplatz, 1, 80333 München, Germany
I feel that the historical significance of the place, once used for Nazi mass rally is greater than the now re-purposed building to house a small collection of historical artifacts.
Not worth the time to head out all the way there, other than its place in history. However the open plains are a great place To just lay down and enjoy the weather.
Click here for ABBA location to Königsplatz, 1, 80333 München, Germany

Deutsches Museum

An incredibly huge collection of all things imaginable. Air, land, sea, the sciences, astronomy, aviation and more. They've got it all. There's just too much to cover and a lot of the exhibits are showing all manner of technology through the ages, mixed in with interactive science portions. 

To me the layout had no flow and was complicated. However their displays were really quite interesting and impressive. Here are some of the highlights of the places exhibits.
*Pic (C), an entire submarine! Pic (R)
A replica of what it would be like on the deck of a cruise liner.*

(Diving suit back in the day.)
(L) An engine room of a boat. (C)Before and after effects of Acid Rain. (R) Tesla coil demonstrating the power of electricity.
(L) Astronomy. (C) History of Cameras. (R) A machine that sews out patterns.
(Quite interesting to see a 3D monitor which DOES NOT Require 3D Glasses for viewing.)
The aviation section, to me perhaps something to see, but the rest of it is just too much to absorb and sort through the levels of mix and mash of exhibits with no real logical flow.

Globe Trotter Shop
This four-leveled specialty shop is truly impressive. It stores all manner of unique products for the outdoors, from kayaking to rock climbing.They have the outdoors replicated indoors for product testing. By far the most innovative and interesting shopping experience and worth a look see. 
 (C) All terrain types to test out your new shoes! (R) An entire pool to try your Kayak!
*Survival Spices for cooking out in the field.*
 *View of the inner garden from the top floor*
 Totally collapseable pots and pans!
You still can have your wine out in the field.

Attempted run to the English Gardens
Take a jog along the river side and watch locals relaxing over a book or picnic. Running tracks are well laid, and the place well sheltered. 


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