Monday, April 20, 2015

ABBA Deals - Italy - Milan - Watches

ABBA Deal -  Italy - Milan
Purchase in local currencies more often than not gives you the better exchange rate when charging to your credit cards. 


Option 1: ROLEX Store

PISA Orologeria 


Have a watch that you want? Email ahead to ask for stock and get the break down of the best pricing, after discount and VAT back. Closed on Sunday. Nearest station, San Babila, a stop after Duomo station.


Located at Duomo and the Milan cathedral. Open daily. A wide range of watches. With good on hand, the final price you pay maybe bargained down from the listed price. Happy shopping.
~~$$VAT process in Milan$$~~
The VAT process is simple and straight forward.
After having cleared customs and walking towards your departure gate, like in the Hongkong Love Movie "Turn left and right", you do the exact same thing.
(VAT Stamp On one side, and just across from them, the actual claims process with Global Blue) Look for this logo.

Claim maybe made either in form of Cash/Credit
- Depending on the stores you purchase from, the VAT back maybe full/partial.
- Credit claims often go through two exchanges. To USD then to your dollar.
Supposedly the best deal for Rolex in town. This here is another ABBA joint where crew email their request before coming to make their purchase.
Global Tax- Refund Service
Tel:069/27 10 39 91
Click here for ABBA location of David No 10 Am Hauptbahnhof 10 (Ecke Kaiserstrasse) 60329 Frankfurt Am Main


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