Wednesday, September 4, 2013

China - Shanghai - To Eat (02Sep2013 Bellagio)

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Shanghai - To Eat
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Black Pepper Beef on Iron Plate RMB56
*Usually hot plate beef are but thinly sliced pieces with a sprinkling of onions. However it was really impressive to have thick juicy cuts of beef, with succulent onions on this great hot plate dish. Really good.*
Sweet and Sour Whole Sea Bass with Pine Nuts Aprox 500g RMB75
*A favorite that tried once in Beijing and was glad to see this option on the menu again. Deboned Sea Bass deep fried in light flour and covered with a delicious sauce. Sauce on its own was great with lots of fillings from mushrooms, peas and of course pine nuts. Plate was wiped clean.*

With order of rice and plain water

Total RMB141 Fed2

A really convenient location which is situated diagonally across from the underground train station. The dishes we ordered did not disappoint, and picture/reality were quite spot on.
A good place to dine if you want to wait for peak traffic to die down, or fill yourself up before taking the train to your destination.


Taiwanese Stir Fried Rice Noodles with Pork ¥30
 *Nothing to scream about. An abysmal sprinkling of pork bits, Chinese chives and mushrooms. A little blend to be honest and needed the help of their chili concoction to finish the plate.* 
Boiled Pork Dumplings ¥29
 *To standard. Its nice, don't get me wrong, but nothing really
WOW that makes you must come back here to eat.*

Fed1: Total ¥59
A miss as compared to previous visits. It could have been a poor choice on my own
part. Perhaps for individual dining, it is a little hard to order their largely portioned
individual dishes, which by far on previous visits have been home runs. Belgaio's menu
has many more interesting options yet to be explored.
Click here of Bellagio Restaurant located 400m away from Millennium Hongqiao Hotel and near Shuicheng Road Train station.

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