Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Amsterdam - To Eat *Contributed by Denison Tan* 24Sep2013 (Wok To Walk)

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*Review Text and pictures by Denison Tan 24Sep2013*
Wok to Walk

Reported cheap, good and pricing around €8-€12 which is opened till late.
*Suggested orders were fried brown rice with chicken and hot sauce/vegetarian option which piles on the vegetable serving.*

*During the last stay, the WTW near the hotel was damaged by a fire! So had to venture a bit further to another WTW nearer the Central Station at 8 Kolksteeg.*

Pretty straight forward to order, chose from each of the three columns, pay and wait for your meal.
The ingredients are laid out for your perusal and the open concept lets one see your meal being prepared.

Cramped interior, which is to be expected for a take-out joint.

Today's pick - brown rice with beef and the Saigon (garlic and black pepper sauce). With a drink, came to 9 Euros.
Verdict: Definitely has speed going for it despite the stream of customers. Every spoonful had a sliver of beef, so value for money in my book. They could have gone a little easier on the sauce though, something that could be mentioned when placing orders. Otherwise, a welcome taste of Asian cooking for the homesick.

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