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Shanghai - To Eat 04July2017 (Jardin De Jade)

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Shanghai - To Eat
Jardin De Jade
located in front of Millennium Hongqiao Hotel 50m walk
*rumors of it being one of their personal best Chinese cuisine, even gone there for both lunch and dinner. Even whispers of the chef being on Singapore Airline's culinary panel had been floating around for awhile and finally having the chance to try it.*
Everyone turns left towards Carefour at Pearl City, but ever tried turning right? Jardin De Jade is literally at the door step of Milennium Hongqiao Hotel and serves up amazing Chinese food. Though the setup at the initial glance is opulent, atas (High class) and seems pricey, but a look through the menu is a pleasant surprise!

*They've got the regular A La Carte Menu and the seasonal menu, which is a nice to try what ever is in season.*
Click here for ABBA location of Jardin De Jade 
Ordered On:
 Beef Granules with dry pepper 168RMB

*A must order. Not too spicy and the beef has a bit of that awesome teppanyaki flavor to it. Tender and super juicy*
Maize Soup with Crab Meat 28RMB Each
*Nothing special. Taste a little bit like canned soup* 
Jardin Speciality salted Chicken 
*This dish fell short of expectation. It is a cold dish and textural a little bit tough. Okay but not great. In fact this and the specialty prawn dishes were left remaining.*
Jardin Duck
*Good small sized duck. Great fat distribution and was finished quickly. Worth the reorder and reviewed further below*
Dried French Beans with Minced Pork 42RMB
*Pretty Okay*
Specialty prawn
*Its a little bit like eating the dough fried prawn dish that you get in Indian Rojak stalls.*
Jardin De Jade Char Sui Suzhou Style 42RMB

*Something done slightly different.*
Marmite To-fu

(A must order and reviewed below)

*Finally finding the name to this dish. Superb To-fu dish which doubles up as a soup! A must order and to share among 3-4 people.*
Mango Sago dessert

*This was pretty okay. Nice but no where as good as Hui Lai Shan from HKG.*
Double Order of Jelly Fish in Black Vinegar sauce cold dish
(A must order and reviewed below)
Xiao Long Pao
(A must order and reviewed below)
Special Pan Fried Pork Bun
(A must order and reviewed below)
 Total Fed 7 at 152RMB per person

Ordered On: 
Deep Fried Ribbonfish 78RMB
*Okay dish. Well fried and not at all oily but one's gotta eat around the bones.*
Specialty Crispy Chicken
*Its like a wedding dinner. Nice crispy fried chicken served with a side of vineger and salt. Very well prepared* 
Special Pan Fried Pork Bun 22RMB x2

*A must order together with their steamed dumplings. A great crispy base with a soupy interior with meat. Thumbs up. Seems that all thumbs up recommendations are a hit thus far.* 
Jardin BBQ Duck 38RMB 300g

*Beautiful duck with great flavor distribution.*

Prawn steamed dumplings
Claypot Tofu came recommended

*Really loved this dish. Cured meat cooked together in a flavorful broth that's not too heavy with great bean curd. A must try-to re create dish at home*
Simple vegetable stir fry
A mix of desserts

Total Fed 5 at 120RMB Each

*Not as much photos this time round but everyone really enjoyed the meal and comments were that the cooking isn't too salty and relatively 'cheng' (clean) eating.

Ordered On: 
Jelly Fish with Black Vinegar 38RMB/75g (Cold dish)
*Really nice balsamic which lifts up the appetite and goes really nicely with the fried peanuts. Cold, refreshing and full flavored. The jelly fish has a remarkable texture with the crunchy peanuts to give that added dimension. Really nice starter dish and a must try.*
Fried Egg Plant 38RMB
 *Fans of egg plant would like this. The bite from the garlic gives that little kick so its really enjoyable.
"Jardin De Jade" Jasmine Tea Smoked Duck 58RMB/half duck 700g
*Amazing! The fragrance of the tea and smoked flavor comes through. Whats more, the duck doesn't have a hard rubbery texture. What you have instead is a delicate crispy skin and nice fat distribution. A must try if hankering for a different type of duck. The steamed soft wraps goes beautifully with the meat and sweet spicy sauce.*
"Jardin de Jade" Meat Steamed Dumpling 48RMB/8pieces
*This dumpling is up there with the greats. Simple, and delicious! The skin has sufficient structural integrity to hold in everything, and the soup and meat inside isn't too hot that it scalds you when you consume it whole. The vinegar with ginger is light enough to compliment everything else and its a really good steamed meat dumpling. We had requested to try half and half ( shrimp & pork) but they probably forgot about it whilst in translation*
Specialty Braise Pork in Brown Sauce, Shanghai Style 48RMB 
 *So good that I wanna try making it back home. Small perfect cubes with melt away fat, a.k.a flavor and a sweet flavor brown sauce to go with. Perfect with a steaming hot bowl of rice a must try!*
x2 Harbin Beer
x2 Rice
Total Fed 2 at 252RMB but could have easily fed 3.
A meal per pax would be 100RMB give or take if more were to go.
I am not one to try Chinese restaurant eats all the time, but this place just went to the top of my list. Step aside Bellagio, Amy's Restaurant for peiking duck,  Jardin De Jade just took top spots for a sit down Chinese dining location. There's soooooooooo much more in the menu that are incredibly interesting which are worth exploring.

After trying this place one can absolutely understand why some would have and have come back for another meal on the same day. However a double indulgence in a day was way to sinful. Interesting eats with a wide enough selection to satisfy all time favorites and explore new cuisine style. A fancy atmosphere, great selection of cook styles and eats at very, very reasonable prices. A must try and will return for another meal!! 

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