Thursday, December 1, 2016

Los Angeles - To Do 29Nov2016 (Orange Outlet Shopping, Disney Land California Adventure, Medieval Times)

Los Angeles - To Do
Los Angeles  - To Eat

 LA - To Do
Orange Outlet Shopping
6min drive

Getting There
There's a scheduled shuttle service from Wyndam Hotel. Rides take only about 5mins. Uber also for about 5USD
Pickups are at
10am 1pm 3pm
1.15pm 3.15pm 6.15pm 8.15pm

Check with the front desk for latest schedule information.

There isn't a whole lot of up market stuff here for sale. Considering we arrived on cyber Monday, the deals weren't straight up grabs. All right pricing. The place carries mostly shoes and basic apparels. Common brands like Nike, Under armor, old navy, forver21, H&M, bath and body works just to name a few.

Lots of free wifi hot spots and dining options are available as well. The place isn't very large and should be able to be covered in a 3hour shopping duration.

Disneyland - California adventure

Getting there:
ree shuttle provided

- 1/2hourly scheduled transport starts from an hour before doors open and half hourly returns an hour after parks closes.
Paid USD105 single day entry ticket to enter either of the parks. Tickets can be bought at the hotel itself or any of the park entrances.
Prices have reportedly been steadily increasing and varies during the season of travel.
Second visit was ut USD97
- Fast Pass ticketing is a must to try as many rides as possible.
- Check the monthly program schedule. Not everyday has got fire works! (only at Disneyland!)

- You can catch free fireworks outside Disney's California adventure (8pm) as it closes an hour earlier than Disney Land (9pm). Ask the staff what time fireworks are so you can plan your exit from Disney's California Adventure.
Tickets maybe bought in advance from Wyndham Hotel or from the other Hotels in the area. There's a regularly half our shuttle service to and fro Disney Land with the earliest setting off an hour before park opens and an hour after. 
New Guardians of The Galaxy Mission Break out!
Its pretty much the same Tower Of Terror, but the feel and outlook is completely different.

Frozen Stage Performance

*Top notch production and equally as good as previous program Aladdin. Same as before, the production value almost as good as plays caught in London and I'd say probably covers half of the ticket costs. Well worth it and must not miss.*
California Screaming

*Enjoying oversized turkey legs.*
ABBAtip: Order Turkey Leg to share. Too much for a single person to share

World of Color Show - 30mins
Remember to get the Fastpass for better viewing seat allocation

Fire works from Disney Land side
One can surely finish all the rides on a single day trip out with some Fast Pass effort, a little back and forth and you'll cover the whole park with some time in between for eats and shopping. A great day out.

California Adventure is a little different from the run of the mill Disney Land (with the exception of Disney World in Florida.) Anaheim Disneyland does have some historic significance as being the original and first Disneyland, however, California adventure has a little more grown up rides with different shows and performances. Another unique take on the classic Disney is Tokyo's Disney Sea

Click here for ABBA location of Disney Land

 Medieval Times
Dinner and show
16min-20min drive away

Medieval Time is a themed Medieval dinner and show that last for about 2hours.
Click here for ABBA location of Medieval Times, 7662 Beach Boulevard, Buena Park, CA 90620
The place is pretty cool, with door staff dressed up as squires and wrenches. Be brought back to the middle ages with the hand of the king emceeing the crowd and watch a variety of middle ages games. 

- Check online for cheaper deals. Apply promo codes from the website or bring along tourist pamphlets available at the hotel concierge desk that knocks off USD20.
- Additional VIP pass isn't that worth it. Though you do get the banner, priority seating and all, but its only for the first row. Seating only starts a row behind.
- Arrive early (an hour before the show) to enjoy show grounds and get a nearer seat. Its allocated row seating on a first come first serve basis. Even if you arrive later, the last row isn't that far away from the action, but hey, nearer the better ain't it. 

Dining is surprisingly quite good actually. An authentic to the period way to dine. Getting intimate with your bear hands. 
 *Not pictured were the sweet corn and potato*
 *Additional order of Blue Moon at USD8 a serving*
Pretty good fun overall and for fans of Game of Thrones, it does bring a little of that series magic to the fore. Bear hand dining, with cheers and joy for one's appointed knight. There's a themed pirate dinner and show right beside as well.
 *The armory and gift store do sell game of thrones
weaponry as well as foam blades and shields.*
If not for the discounted pricing at USD41 for the tickets, the dinner and show maybe a little on the steep side at regular retail price of USD61.95. So definitely look out for coupon or discount codes.

*A picture with the king and the princess.*
Total with Uber there and back with dinner and show,
49USD evening entertainment per pax. 
Click here for Medieval Times promo, pricing and ticketing

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