Wednesday, December 14, 2016

London - To Eat (Four Seasons 12Dec2016)

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London - To Eat
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Four Seasons

Finally after so long, am finally able to give Four Seasons a try. That's only because arriving because Gold Mine was closed for expansion renovation. In fact when there, Gold Mine staff were recommending to try their subsidiary, New Fortune Cookie, located just up the road. Unfortunately they were all out of Duck as off 945pm.
(Gold Mine Recommended alternative to have cheap and good food)
Yet to be reviewed
 Ordered On:

Steamed Century Egg
*Its hard not to do a side by side comparison, however Gold Mine does it better there.*
Kai Lan
*Vegetables are sweet, crunchy and nicely done*
Kangpow Chicken
*Nothing special really*
Fried Cirspy Squid*An alright fry on the squid but it could use a little more seasoning.*
Sweet and sour pork
Crispy Duck
 *It could be fried much better and a little on the dryer side of things. London ducks are known to be a little more fatty, so even though deep fried, the crispy duck should still have residual fat to moisten up the cuts.*
Roasted Duck
 *The only star order. The duck is fatty, juicy and tendertender. Absolutely fantastic. The sauce for the duck isn't too salty and when poured over the rice has that distinct unique blend of spiced flavors and fragrant aromas. Some have said that the duck for Gold Mine and Four Season are in actual fact from the same supplier. Only their sauce differ. The only saving grace for Four Seasons is probably that their duck is priced cheaper by a few pounds as compared to Gold Mine's pricing.*
Fed 11 at 16pounds per pax
The place maybe priced a little cheaper than Gold Mine's but by comparison of food order and the extras deals that Gold Mine offers, preference is still to head back to Gold Mine (Last deal from visit was any 5dishes at 60pounds for crew). We only got to ordering at 10pm, an hour before closing and they still had duck orders which was a plus in their favor!

Perhaps the only worth while purchase here is their roasted duck which goes about 20% cheaper than Gold Mine's.

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