Thursday, November 17, 2016

Singapore - ABBA Deal - Eyecare Studio Optical Shop

Singapore - Optical Shop
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Eyecare Studio

(review will be updated)

 Open 1030am-10pm
Located at Seletar Mall, this was my first time at this shop to making a new set of prescription Sun Glasses. Having been through several pairs of glasses over the years, Eyecare Studio was equipped to manage my requirements.

Price point for prescription sun glasses they were about 20% cheaper than their competitors. Most shops retailed from 150-160SGD for the sunshades, whereas here it started of at SGD$120, with an additional SGD$10 for gradient shade.
At SGD120 for prescription sunglasses lenses, it comes with choice of color and degree of darkness up to 80%. Seen above is 80% and the standard grey lenses.

Shye Jun who managed the initial sale was knowledgeable and helped explain that excessive curvature in the lens may result in peripheral image distortion. Flatter sunglasses frames, the lens may go cheap as SGD50 as quoted by others. He further had tools I'd never encountered at other Optical shops to measure focal length to get the right details in making a proper pair of sunglasses. The sunglasses were sent in on Friday afternoon and within four days ready for collection!

Thus far its worked out great and the resilience of the glass is holding. Will update over time on the quality and make with this pair or future pairs being made.

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