Thursday, November 3, 2016

Manchester - To Eat 02Nov2016 (Red's True BBQ)

Manchester - To Eat
Houston - To Eat
Red's True BBQ
(400m walk)
4.4/5 on google out of 238reviews
FREE WIFI no login required

The place came recommended for their all American styled BBQ. Mains come with a choice of either two humble sides or a single choice of divine sides. They are also applicable for a-la-cart orders.
Their decor just totally suits the place with their merchandising paying an almost religious homage to food and smoking them.
Ordered On:
New Pit master Tray 18.95pounds

- St.Louis ribs
*Deep flavored but dry. The fatty bits were good but it needed the table side sauces.*
- USDA approved Black Angus brisket*Nice and slightly tender. In fact as they piled it together with the pulled pork, it was a little hard to tell which was which.*
- Red's pulled pork*The star dish of the day. It was great on its own but the table side condiments did help enhance the flavor. The sauces were labeled for their preferred pairing.
- Smoked Sausage 
*I personally kinda liked this one. A spicy sausage with some jalapenos. Excellent sized and nicely smoked*
- Sweet Potato Fries
- Mac-n-cheese
*To be honest a little blend but the blend starch is needed to balance out the heavy meats*
Additional order of Burnt Ends 8.95Pound sampler added and served together
*Lousy. It looked good in the online pictures, but its so dry, that it's more beef jerky chunks than anything else. Its like the dryer parts of the pork knuckle that no body really goes on to finish*

Total 30Pounds Fed2
The sampler platter was more than sufficient to feed 2 or even 3 actually but since we were trying out as many of the dishes, we added the Burnt ends which were not finished.

Overall we felt that it was on the dry side. Nice smoke on all their dishes but really not much juiciness to the meat. The place got a nicer atmosphere, concept and merchandise than the actual eats on this occasion. The meats really needed the sides to help cut through the heaviness of the smoked meat. The overall satisfaction would probably be dependent on what one orders. The sausages and pulled pork were a hit, and the beef ribs served to others looked pretty good too.

Worth a try for smoked meats and it really depends on which orders you go for. The closest smoke house that's similar and probably edges this place out is Old Faithful found in Perth. Click here for full details.

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