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South Island Holiday 01July2016 Queenstown - To Eat (01July2016Prime, Fergburger, Saigon Kingdom, Vista Mecure Hotel Resort, Stratosfare)

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Click here for ABBA location of Prime Waterfront Restaurant and Bar, 2 Rees Street, Queenstown 9300, New Zealand
Absolutely avoid. Premium prices, one would also expect premium New Zealand grass fed cuts of steak but one would be sadly disappointed. Service staff are slow to attend and serve dishes consecutively and when requesting for meat sauce, they delivered cold pepper sauce and slow on deliverance.
Ordered On:
Venison Ribs NZD19
*I was really interested in how venison ribs would have tasted like and it did not disappoint! Nice tender meat with great fat distribution. Their bbq sauce was spot one and a little on the light spice side. A nice dish and glad to have tried. The down side, the slaw was disappointing. Just chopped up vegetables thrown together with mayo.* 
Firodland Venison NZD36.50 
*The venison meat was quite lean. Taste wise isn't very strong or gamy like lamb.*
Flitstone Steak 500g NZD39.50 
*I personally like the grizzly char on the outside, which probably means they've got a raging bbq in the back. Nice distinct char flavors. The burnt rosemary served no purpose and the sweet potato gratan, nothing to scream about. Although a medium rare, the meat lacked fat distribution and turned out to be tough on the outsides, away from the bone. I've yet to try renowned New Zealand Grass Fed beef, known to be more tender and sweeter over US corn fed ones.* 

Total NZD95 Fed2
Not that all their dishes were that bad, but looking at the complete dining experience, or lack there of service wise, especially with meat 'dying' on the plate due to the colder season, service deliverance becomes more time crucial. 
Click here for ABBA location of Prime Waterfront Restaurant and Bar, 2 Rees Street, Queenstown 9300, New Zealand

This place was highly recommended on Google. Over 500 reviews and a score of 4.5! The queue was super long, even at an early timing of 5.30pm! 
Ordered On:
Double Ferburger w/cheese NZD15.90
*The brie to my surprise didn't add that much to the burger. It just seemed to give a much creamier, heavier taste to it. Like a thick spreading of mayonnaise.* 
Mr Big Stuff NZD16.50
1/2lb of prime New Zealand Beef topped with melted cheddar cheese, American streaky bacon and BBQ sauce, lettuce tomato, red onion and aioli
*The overall review for both burgers. Pure, 100% unadulterated meat. Man, there's so much meat from the patties that actually one could be shared with a side order. The patties themselves are a little under seasoned and dense. However, they are extremely generous with their add-ons like their cheese. A very filling meal and a strong, solid showing for a burger. A check on google and the place is busy pretty much at all times of the day. We waited a good 15mins for our order and that was ordering it pre-dinner crowd. (1730hrs)
We elected a to-go option but am sure the burgers would have tasted even better fresh out.*
Onion Rings with aioli sauce NZD6.90
*Really nice. Done American style I would say. Absolutely lovely large sweet onion rings, fried with a pretty light batter with nice thick Aioli sauce.*
Pretty good burgers and defiantly good value for money. That's a lot of meat for under NZD20. Apart from the BBQ sauce, there wasn't much of a distinct flavor difference between the two burgers ordered. Other than that, for a filling burger meal, one can check this place out. Their adjoining Gelato and bakery is also under their management. The trifecta of great eats.
Click here for ABBA location of Fergburger, 42 Shotover Street, Queenstown 9300, New Zealand 

Saigon Kingdom
After a day out, we were looking for something hot and soupy amidst the winter festival festivities and a day out on the slopes. Good old Vietnam Pho to the call.
Ordered On:
Ha Noi Grilled Pork Meatballs (4) NZD9
*Beautiful combination of fresh vegetables, with their fish/sweet chili sauce. It went beautifully with their hearty meatballs, which were a little on the dense side.* Pho Bo most popular Vietnamese noodle served with thinly slices Angus beef, tender beef brisket bean sprouts and herbs in aromatic beef broth. NZD14
 *The soup stock was pretty okay. One can go for the upsize of Large +2.50NZD  and Extra Large +4NZD. I went for the Extra large thinking maybe more meats perhaps. Considering its one of the beef producing capitals, there's so little of it in the largest size. All you get is more noodles and soup. Totally not worth it, but the hot broth did make up for it this winter season. Here in NZ they do their pho a little differently. Bean sprouts are cooked into the soup as opposed to raw, and there's a lack of fresh basil or lemon/lime.*
 Fried Ice-cream NZD12
 *A for nostalgia order. Nothing special at all. In fact, one could get a full meal for the poorly fried ice-cream. Don't bother ordering.*
Total 55.50 Fed 2
Apart from the pork balls that were really good and I'd like to try making back home, the pho stock is really quite good (go for the standard size for a value meal. I really feel that for New Zealand, it really lacks in meat serving). Their sweet bean and chilli sauce available on request
Click here for ABBA location of Saigon Kingdom Vietnamese Restaurant, 88 Beach Street, Queenstown 9300, New Zealand

Mecure Hotel Resort Queens Town
Really value for money eats right here at the hotel where we stayed for the duration. Click here for full review of Mecure Hotel Resort, Queens Town.
Ordered On:
Half Dozen Spicy Chicken Wings NZD10
*Pretty good blue cheese sauce. The wings aren't all that spicy.* 
BBQ Pulled Pork Sliders with coleslaw NZD10

Salmon Dish NZD22

 *Not over cooked and a simple showing of the beautiful fish. It was however under seasoned.*
Kiwifruit Pavlova with lemond curd and passion fruit coulis NZD12
*The pavlova was a hair too sweet but still a great dessert. Best pavlova had thus far was in London at Grander and Co. Click for full review.*
As mentioned. Value eat and especially after a long day out to the Milford Sound.
- Go straight to the restaurant upon returning from Milford Sound. Restaurant maybe short handed and food may take up to 30mins to arrive due to the large influx of tourist returning from their tours. 


A restaurant and bar located at the top of the iconic Skyline Gondola in Queenstown. Dinner sitting from 5.45pm to second sitting from 8.15pm. Booking are essential! 
NZD85 includsGondola Ride and Buffett Dinner.
The place was absolutely packed. Even if you go up early, they really do stick to the sitting timings. Good thing is Free Wifi is available and there's a nice lounge for one to sit it. There's also an open observation deck to catch a view of the stars and the city. 
*The spread is pretty good. They had a Singapore laksa station and the broth was actually to a pretty good standard I must say. A good selection of roasts and decent eats. Their mussels as always, superb. The Sashimi section, at least for the hamachi seems frozen. The rest are pretty good too. For the price point, after taking out the Gondola ride up at down of NZD33, for a buffett like this at NZD52 is a pretty good deal*

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