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Singapore - To Eat 29thMay2016 (Ginza Kuroson)

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Gina Kuroson
(Located at 03-10 Takashimaya)
Orchard MRT Station
Checking out new eats as suggested by others on a Sunday afternoon!
Ordered On:
Special Lunch Sets
 *Lunch sets come pretty standard. Salmon cuts I'd say slightly thicker and freshers than competing counterparts.*
Grilled Akau (Red Rockfish & Sashimi Set) SGD29
Limited to 10 meals
*Price wise a little steep but it was pretty alright. Meat was quite flavorful but nothing really the scream about. The miso soup was as expected and the chawanmushi nothing much to scream about. Standard fair expected of an establishment as this. The dessert pretty decent as well.*
Grilled Kinki (Rockfish & Salmon Sashimi Set) SGD62
Limited to 10 meals

*The exact same offering but another whopping $22 more! Was the Kinki rockfish worth it? They did fry it beautifully with a nice sprinkling of salt to highlight and accent the dish. The meat is incredibly tender and sweet I must say but there's not a whole lot of meat to the delicate fish. Presentation get pretty high praise, but other than that for the huge premium, to me it ain't worth it. 
That said, checking out Isetan Supermarket downstairs, the same fish is highly prized and seemingly justifies the asking price.*
Although they do put lunch sets at limited quantities, we were there nearing 2pm, expecting little to no options left. However, that doesn't seem to be the case for these 'special deals' seemed to be in  abundance. Price point wise, for the rest of the menu, they range from about SGD25-35 a basic meal. Nothing much to scream about besides its pleasant decor and perhaps bar front dining. The only positive take away was getting to try Kinki Rock Fish which thou nice, did not justify to me the high premium. For the experience and nothing more. In fact, we left a little hungy.

Prices are similar to Sushi chain, Sushi Tei and would probably only pop-in for a meal if the the (slightly chepaer) former is not found. The food doesn't quite match to the setting, or we hadn't ordered the right dishes for the full Gina Kuroson experience.
Click here for ABBA location of Ginza Kuroson, located in Takashiaya.

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