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London - To Eat 16May2016 (Outlaw's, Kerbisher and Malt)

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London - To Eat
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At The Capital
1 Michelin Star 
(Located beside Harrods)
This place wasn't really planned on and chanced upon when meeting up with friends who too were in London. Outlaw's is a Michelin Star restaurant that specializes largely with seafood and its located just beside Harrods.

Ordered On: 
3 Course Lunch Meal 29Pounds
Grilled Octopus - Grapes Almond and Bread Sauce

 *A delicately grilled piece of octopus. Nice light char without over doing it. The thinly sliced grapes were really pleasant and that sweetness definitely helped accentuate the flavors. However, the best octopus had thus far still goes to Duck and Waffles.*
Slow Cooked Pork Collar - Smoked Mash Potato, Mustard Sauce and Sage
 *In all honesty the dish was a little bit of a miss for me. The meat itself though really tender, was on the dry side. I did however adore the mustard sauce with the fried sage, which added some depth to the dish. The crackling, I've seen it done before with other dishes, and seems very similar Thai street snacks of fried pork skin. A cheap substitute but worth a try back home. An okay dish but nothing really over the top with this one.*
Dark Chocolate Tart - Malted Milk Ice Cream, Orange Syrup

*Made to order, this dish is delicately prepared and very delicate. I particularly enjoyed the malted milk ice cream which worked supremely well with the chocolate tart. Warm, chocolate served in a brittle tart bowl and 'spiced-up' with shaved orange and a dash of orange syrup. All of which are classic pairings that just work. A great way to end of the meal*

I was really glad to have caught up with Jedd, albeit being his last leg of his holiday stint.
29Pounds per pax
Three Course Meal
Outlaw's is primarily known for seafood and in my opinion, one should probably stick to that. Like any impression, how they start and how they finish have the strongest and longest lasting impression. It defiantly hit the marks on those two accents. The pork dish itself was okay only, but given their menu selection, there are other interesting options available as well.

Price point wise, its always worth it especially for lunch set menus and for seafood, a fair deal. For about 30pounds another unique dinning experience, more so for the view than the food is Duck and Waffle.

Another option, for 38Pounds lunch set meal , one can try world number 5, two Michelin-stared restaurant, Dinner, located across the street (Currently the highest-ranked meal tried and extreme value. You'll only discover what real service is when dining here. Was shared that there is no lunch set on Sundays!).
Click here for ABBA location of Outlaw's at The Capital, 22-24 Basil Street, London SW3 1AT, United Kingdom

Kerbisher and Malt
 (A chain location with several location)

Click here for ABBA location of Kerbisher & Malt, 164 Shepherds Bush Road, London W6 7PB, United Kingdom 
The fish and chips joint that came recommended by others. Unfortunately today, I was greeted by typical English weather. But having set on trying this place to find out what's so good about, I ventured out via the subway to take a short 7min walk from Hammersmith station.
 Ordered On:30July2016
*This time round trying out the Haddock and it does have a stronger flavors as compared to cod. Worth the try for sure as recommended by others. Their mash peas are creamy and beautifully seasoned. The battered Onion Rings however are a little strange in that I suspect them to be pickled. The batter is fantastic, however the onion itself is a little sour. Strange. An okay order. The rest agreed too, to the Haddock.*
Ordered On:
 Full potion of Cod 6.90pounds (Battered) 
*Fantastic! Cod came out softy, flaky and oozing its natural omega three from the fry. Absolutely delicately handled and fried beautifully. The fry on it was a lovely golden brown, no soggy bits and a good crisp. An even batter with being to caked up in portions. Amazing!*
 Chips 2.20pounds
*About 70% of the chips still had their crispy crunch to it and a signature for typical English Fish and Chips which are hand cut and twice fried. Not many places have crunchy chips like this place does.*
K&M Coleslaw 2.50pounds 
*Pretty alright. Its more carrots and a little bit of red onions to make the dish pop.*
Tartare sauce 0.50pounds  
*You definately get your money's worth! A huge serving of sauce which in many other places are in short supply. Good flavor too!*
Total 11.10pounds Fed 1

ABBA Contribution by AC
 "Just tried this and its really good and worth the $$... Hard to find a nice fish and chips... recommend the haddock as is more flavorful than the cod which is a bit bland....." -A.C
Totally worth it! By far the best value and damn good fish and chips had. Price wise and flavor wise it beats Tavern's Fish and Chips hands down, and dare I say even out doing Mr Heston's fish and chips at The Perfectionist, if it came without all the 'glitz and glamor'.

What's fantastic about this place you get to pick and choose the fish you want, as well as how it's prepared. The sides are all optional as add-ons and you can order half portion sized one or their lunch specials. Worth to try if you're in the mood for Fish and Chips. Salt and pepper your own chips to taste, with table water and tomato sauce avaialbe on the house.
Click here for ABBA location of Kerbisher & Malt, 164 Shepherds Bush Road, London W6 7PB, United Kingdom 

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