Sunday, March 6, 2016

Hong Kong - To Eat ABBA Contribution by Ming Hui 06March2016 (Kam's Goose)

Hong Kong - To Stay
Hong Kong - To Eat
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Kam's Roast Goose
One of the many many famous and well known Goose Joint all over Hong Kong. This is also reported to be pretty good and a short walk across from another fan favorite Joy Hing. Joy Hing though good, but didn't garner as good a review. Click here for full article.
*ABBA Contribution by Ming Hui*
Another famous joint located right beside Kam's Roast Goose is Honolulu cafe known for thier milk tea and their po lo bao.Click here for full write up and review.
The place is small so going there at the right timing is important, or else you'd be stuck queuing for the longest time to get in. We went there at 1125am with doors opening at 1130am. Good thing too as it was just nice for the very small place.
Ordering individual portions is still way cheaper and you can select better cuts as opposed to going to share a full goose. Savings are up to 50% or more.
Ordered On: 
x3 Sets of Goose Rice Combo with choices of meat.
Appetizer choice and Drink/soup

*Shockingly non-impressive. All 3 agreed that there wasn't anything really special about it and to call it a Michellin Star was a bit of a stretch. Probably one getting the what one pays for with the cheaper Combi meal?* 
Roast Pork 
*Probably the only saving grace but there are better and nearer options for both roast pork and char siew at Se Wong Yee or King's Cuisine, for the best layered roast pork
 Char Siew
*Horrible. In fact insulting to the Michellin star. From the picture, one can see you're getting dry char siew that's totally not even close to any of Hong Kong's roast meats standards. Disappointing!*
Soy Chicken

 *Pretty standard and the springonions dipping sauce are always a huge welcome!* 
Century Egg 
*AMAAZZINNGG.. I've never had century egg in the center runny. Very creamy and absolutely delicious. I've heard that one can go to the supplier direct to buy the century eggs over getting them at Kam's Goose.
ABBA Contribution by Song Hee. Wholesale Century Eggs FOUND!!
Kam's century egg is HKD144 for a dozen. Supplier is HKD45

 Sheung Wan MTR Sheung Wan, 98 Jervois St, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Old Shop with Roller Shutters. Sale done through small opening of roller shutter
*Glazed Soya Beans
*Not bad and has sweet accent*
Marinated Tofu
*Fairly Standard*
Fed3. 72HKD Each

At first glance, we were very surprised at the lack of serving size, especially so for the price. We all agreed that the Goose itself was disappointing. Although filling, it was a far cry for the tons of competition that's around the area. Right now for the best goose experience for me is still at Yat Lok (Located at Central). Their roast are all A-star and their goose of better juiciness, and flavor. (Appologies extended to hardened Kam Goose Fans. The char siew pictured below was definitely not the same char siew served with the combi meals seen above.(ABBATRAVEL's Entry)
Ordered On:
 "Went at 2pm and waitfed for 30-45mins for a table. Had a plate of Choy Sim, Drinks and rice. Am not really a fan of goose but it was really nicely done like the duck at Bayswater (Gold Mine) The goose are not as fatty as the ducks in UK but the meat was moist and tender. Skin was crispy." - Ming Hui
Total HKD510 for 2 person
ABBATip: If you order individual plate portion, its more value than you would ordering a whole or half duck.

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